Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good Nutrition For People with Cancer

Goog Nutrition means cutting a variety of foods. When you eat a well-balanced diet, your body gets the nutients it needs tp rpovide energy, help healinh and promote overall health. Nutients include protein, carbohydrates (starches and sugars), fat, water, vitamins and minerals.

Good nutrition is especially important for people with cancer. No single food can provide all the nutients your body needs, so it is important to eat many different types of food. Following Canadas Food Guide to Healthy Eating can help you get the good nutrition you need;

Eat a balanced diet can help you;

  • feel better
  • improve and maintain your streght and energy
  • stay at a healthy weight
  • keep good supply of nutients in your body
  • manage the side effects of your treatment
  • decrease your risk of infection
  • heal and recover faster

The nutritional needs of people with cancer are different for each person. Your healthcare team, including a registered dietitian, can tell you what your needs will be

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