Saturday, March 28, 2009

Switching From Synthetic to Natural Cosmetics

The most beautiful reason why you should switch from synthetic to natural cosmetics is because, natural cosmetics are mild and gentle on skin. It will not leave any chemical on your skin which can be harmful. Most synthetic cosmetics will only give a temporary effect on a certain skin problem.

Natural substances penetrate the skin easier and faster without harming your skin. It nourishes your skin the gentle way living no harsh substance on your skin. Try switching from synthetic cosmetic to natural cosmetics and your skin will surely imporve in no time. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u and learn more about Natural Cosmetics. It's a one stop shop for all natural cosmetics.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Natural Body Bath For Dry and Dull Skin

My skin has improve a lot ever since I started using Natural Cosmetics. All those synthetic residues I used to put on my skin only have temporary effects. But after about few days, my skin will go back to its dryness and itchiness esp during winter. But using my personally created Natural Body Bath care products, just made me so happy. It is very simple and easy, it doesn't contain harsh ingredients so it's mild and gentle on skin.

I simply put few drops of Lavander Essential on Bubble Bath Cosmetics Base and soak myself for about 15 minutes. And then use my Body Butter and the effect are amazing. Me and my family use my Shower Gel instead of soap and my kids love it. I will soon be posting the different Botanical and Fruit Flavors that we use at home. You'll love using all my Natural Body Bath products and your skin will surely improve in no time. Visit my webstore at All Natural Cosmetics 4u
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cherry Kernel Oil For Acne Prone Skin

I added Cherry Kernel Carrier oil under the Natural Aromatherapy Products on my webstore. I am really amazed and in fact, I didn't know that Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil exist. It works like wonder on my Acne Prone Skin.

I wish I can add up all the Natural Cosmetics Ingredients that I want on my Natural Cosmetics Webstore. But adding just one product is exhausting. I have to be careful on everything and create a good meta tags and of course, create paragraphs the will enlighten my visitors about the benefits of using Natural Cosmetics.

All the Natural Cosmetics and Ingredients that I am putting on my webstore are products that I personally use. I want to tell the whole world how beneficial using Natural Cosmetics.

For those of you who are suffering from Acne and couldn't find a good moisturizer, try using the natural way. Cherry Kerner Carrier Oil is contains natural antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E. It also contains a polyunsaturated fatty acid called Eleostearic, that prevents UV absorption. It has a very wonderful effects on acne/problematic skin. It helps even out the texture of the skin and reduces the signs of acne scars. Cherry Kernel oil is good for acne prone skin. It controls sebum production. I just added this up on my webstore.

I offer Cherry Kernel Oil for CAD$19.32/500 grams. This amount is good enough to last for months. You can also use this as your Hair Treatment. Visit my website All Natural Cosmetics 4u. This is a very good Natural Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

All Natural Cosmetics International Orders

My webstore for Al Natural Cosmetics is now open and ready to take orders from any part of the world. I have created a secure line of payment for orders outside Canada and USA. Everyone can now order free samples and try the benefits of using Natural Cosmetics.

My webstore shopping cart software is only design to take orders from Canada and USA. But you can fill up my International Order Forms and I will send you the details and prices of the products you wish to order, including the shipping cost to your location. When you decided to buy the products, you can pay it through my secure International Payment Form. I will process the International orders after the payment confirmation on my paypal account. For security reasons, I only accept payments through paypal. I will be working on taking orders straight on my shopping cart for orders outside USA and Canada in the future.

I know that a lot of people outside USA have few access on most webstores whose ordering system is very limited within the webstore owner's territories. So I created a website page for international orders for all my Natural Cosmetics. To learn more, you can visit my webstore at
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pure and Natural Way To Avoid Dry Lips

Like our face, our lips need to be taken care off. When it becomes dry and start to chap, it can be uncomfortable and painful especially when we eat. We also cannot use our favorite lipstick cosmetics. So I created two types of Mineral Lipstick Balm for Men and Women of all ages in replacement of those synthetic Lip Balm whose effects are temporary relieve of dryness. Mineral lipsticks are Pure and Natural so it has mild and gentle effects on skin.

Now I dont have to buy my kids those synthetic Lips Balms when they are having problems with their dry lips especially during winter season. They can use this regularly to avoid their lips on getting dry.

The second type of Mineral Lipstick Balm is the Colored Mineral Lipstick Balm that works like a real lipstick to color and put extra glow on lips. It moisturizes heal and give you the Natural Colored glow.

The color of these Colored Mineral Lipstick Balms is very natural so even young ladies and girls can use it. It will not give too much color that can make young girl's lips overly colored.
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