Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swtiching To Hip Hop Dancing Workout

I did 30 minutes kickboxing yesterday and 45 minutes kickboxing today. I am now ready to switch my workout routine to Hip Hop Dancing next week, then go back KIckboxing again the next week.

I need to swtich the type of workout every week so my body will not stabilized on the same kind of moves. I like kickboxing because it focus on my upper body and core area at the same time.

What I love about Hip Hop Dancing and other dancing workout is that, it focus more on my core area which is my problem area. So it is always good to do workout that focuses mainly on your problem area. And kickboxing and dancing makes it fun exercise for me.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Missing My Workout Due To Sickness

I will skip my exercise routine today as well, becuase I am still a little sick and I don't want to strain my lungs for that matter. But I pretty sure that I will feel a better tomorrow, so I will start my workout again starting with my 30 minutes kickboxing plus about 30 minutes abs workout using Tamilee Abs dvd workout.

I am a little bit guilty that I am not doing my workout, but what can I do? I am sick and my body is asking for some rest. I really hope to feel better sooner. I miss sweating with my workout dvd.

This week is my last week for my kickboxing workout. I will start my hip hop dancing next week then go back with kickboxing again for another week. Then change it every week after then.. I love my fitness life.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maintaining Weight When Sick

I am sick right now and I am having some muscle pain. So I dont think it is a good idea to continue my kickboxing workout. It will strain my muscle more. I will just make sure to avoid eating too much carbohydrates while I am sick and cannot exercise.

I need to rest my body so it will re-cover faster. I also need to drink a lot of water to speed up the elimination of the bacteria in my body. I will eat more fruits and vegetable and try my best not to eat fatty foods and food rich in carbohydrates. I might just eat little oatmeal to boost fiber on my body, so I will not gain weight.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Total Cardio Workout with Kickboxing

I was suppose to do my Hip Hop Dancing Workout this week, but since I missed 3 days of my Kickboxing Workout, I will be doing another Kickboxing Workout for the whole week again.

I still have some mistakes and confusion on my Step Kickboxing DVD so I will give it another week to master the moves. Then I will move on to Hip Hop Dancing, and then go back to Kickboxing week again.

I really find Kickboxing Workout a very good Total Cardio Workout. It helps on working out my Upper Body and Core Area while I am doing a Total Cardio Workout. I love it!!! I am thinking of buying another 2 Kickboxing Workout maybe on April, if I will make good money on my blogging. I want to start having another fun weeks of challenge to master another kickboxing moves.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking Good With The Smallest Size Of Jeans

I didn't do my exercise yesterday and didn't do it today as well. I feel guilty!! But I will make sure to do my 1 hour kickboxing and 30 minutes Abs Workout tomorrow.

I am so happy that with my continues workout at home and few days run at the gym, I am slowly but continously losing weight.

I bought my smallest jeans yesterday and without even trying it at the store, I was so suprise to see myself in the mirror. Size 28 and 29 fit on me and I look great on it. The Abs Workout really works. I just need to be more consistent in doing it every other day.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Reduce Unwanted Junk Mails

It's the weekend once again. I am so happy during the weekend because this is the only time I can spend more time with my family. This is also the time that I can clean my house. However, this is also the time that I always have to spend time sorting those junk mails and catalog that I collect on our mailbox.

It's realy such a waste of time sorting out which mails are important and those mails that are totally garbage. I don't know where these garbage mails are coming from, most specially those unnecessary catalogs.

I saw these website where they offer service to help people to reduce unwanted mails. Their service is very professional since they just don't throw those junk mails from your mailbox but instead, they contact those companies on your behalf, to remove your personal informations on their system. This is a very professional way to reduce those Junk Mails that is wasting so much of your time.

Signing up is free so you can enjoy less junk mails for FREE.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Muscle Pain Due To Kickboxing Workout

I can feel some muscle pain due to kickboxing workout. I am now putting more pressure on each moves since I am starting to master each moves on the Kickboxing Workout DVD. This is the best thing about working out with exercise dvds, you spend time mastering the moves, then start start putting pressure after.

To avoid making your body stable on each move, you need to do variety of exercise to continue to lose weight. I might give another week for kickboxing workout, then I will move to my hip hop dancing which I haven't done for almost two months now. Then go bback again on kickboxing, then move to another dance exercise ans so on.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Kickboxing Workout For More Weekd

I have been doing this 30 minutes to fitness kickboxing workout dvd by Kelly Coffey for a couple of weeks now, and I am starting to master the moves and I can now put on more pressure on every punches.

This kickboxing workout is quite challenging and after a couple of weeks, its only now I am starting to feel the pressure. It's a fun challenge and it's all worth it.

I bought step boxing workout dvd of Kelly Coffey, and as usual, it takes time to master the moves. It's longer and more challenging.

So I might be doing kickboxing workout for a couple of more weeks. Then I will start doing the weekly changes workout plan that I did. I will make sure to do different workout everyday of the week.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Personal Exercise Program

I have been doing my workout program for the whole month using my Workout DVDs. I want to focus on working out my core area. So I want to make sure that I will do 30 minutes abs workout every other day and the rest will be dancing and kickboxing, and of course running at least 15 to 20 minutes,2 times a week.

I am so eager to be on my healthiest lifestyle of my life. I will make sure to be as active as this for as long as I can. I don't want to be fat anymore no matter what.

I will be doing my outdoor run soon and I am so excited to do it. But I am not going to overdo it because I don't want to injure my knees
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mastering Variety Of Exercise Moves

I just did my step kickbox workout for 30 minutes followed by 20 minutes tummy toner and about 20 minutes stretching. I feel so good!! I wont be able to run at the gym tonight because hubby will use the car to work on his part-time job. Then I will be busy yesterday to work on some things, so I might just do 30 minutes kickbox workout to spend more time working on more important things.

Even if I am busy, I want to make sure that I do at least 30 minutes exercise, thats why I purchased some exercise dvds that provide 30 minutes workout for my busy days.

I might be doing my kickboxing workout dvds for a couple of weeks until I master all the moves. Kickboxing is quite confusing and challenging to master, but I believe it is a very good complete workout that target my problem areas, which is the mid section. At the same time, it is a good workout for toning the entire body.

When working out using dvds at home, it is important to learn mastering the moves before moving on to a new dvd workout. Because when you have mastered all the moves, you can concentrate on giving more energy on each moves to target the areas that you need to work on.

It is also important to do variety of workout dvds so your body will not get used to one workout. Make sure to do different moves or workout dvds every week or even everyday so your body will continue to increase your metabolism to burn more fats.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guilty For Not Exercising

I didn't do my exercise plan for two days and as usual, I feel guilty about it. We were so since Friday that I didnt have the time to exercise. And I am very tired every Saturday morning that I just want to sit on the coach and watch TV or just relax my mind infront of the computer. I need to change this lazy attitude during Saturday because loosing more weight is still my goal.

But even if I always feel guilty for not watching what I eat and not exercising during Friday and Saturday, I am so happy to buy the smallest jeans I've ever bought since I had my twin girls, and yet fits on me perfectly. I just really need to workout more on my midsection.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Latest Health News For Skin Cancer

When I noticed some tiny dark brown spots on some part of my arms, I went to my doctor to have it diagnose. Fortunately, there is nothing worry about it as it was only signs of aging.

I did some research about skin cancer when I saw this tiny dark brown spots on my arms.Skin Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. This is where the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells occurs. It is usually found in places where the skin is exposed to the sun.

Here are some of the skin cancer pictures

Cancer runs in out family which is one of the reasons why I am trying to be as active as I can, and eat the right foods. I also do a lot of reading about the latest health news so I can educate myself about new ways to have a healthy lifestyle.

Nobody knows how long our life will be on earth, but by educating ourself about the symptoms of different diseases, we can prevent and fight some deadly disease and make our life longer.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mastering The Moves To Make It More Effective

The 3 workout dvd's finally arrived the other day but I was so busy to blog about it. I actually already tried working out with the step boxing by Kelly Coffey and like any other workout, it's confusing at first but it made the time flies while I sweat like a pig.

I might be doing kickboxing workout for a couple of weeks until I master the moves, so I can bring some energy into every moves after mastering them. This is a good workout to tone muscles with cardio. And most of all, it really workout the core area. I just need to master the moves so I can concentrate on each moves to make it more effective.
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