Monday, November 28, 2011

Struggling To Lose Weight

I feel bad for not losing the weight that I want to lose. I have been struggling to lose that extra 5 lbs I gained last summer and I am really really disappointed with myself for not being able to make it at this time.
I still have few more weeks to lose weight. Otherwise I will have a hard time maintaining the weight that I presently have because of the 2 weeks vacation from work. Oh God help me make it.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weight Cardio Weeks

Oopps, I didn't realized that I only have 4 posts on this blog. The chatting sites that I have been spending time with for a couple of weeks now, have stolen my focus on my regular activities online.
Oh well, anyway,,, I was able to complete all the workout routine schedule for this week. I still have one more workout for this week and I will make sure to do it this morning to make sure that all routine schedules have been followed before I start another week.

This is also the first week of another 6 weeks of weight aero workout and some step boxing. I will make sure to eat less carbs so it won't make me bulky. Hopefully to lose weight too.
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Failure Weight Loss Week

My Ballroom and Belly Dance Workout week is over. I only have one Salsa Dance Workout dvd to be done for today and I am ready to move on to Simmons Dance workout.
I feel bad for not being able to control myself and be able to lose any weight for this week. But this will not stop me from making myself to do my regular workout, and continue to push myself to lose weight. It's hard to focus but I am sure that one day, I will suddenly make it.
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Canadian Pharmacy Online

My father is coming back here in Canada from the Philippines to live with us. He need to appear on the Canadian Immigration for the Identity Verification for his Canadian citizenship application. I will be focusing on this health again and I will be busy bringing him to the doctor most of the time.

Good thing that there are some canadian pharmacy online, so I dont have to spend time going to the pharmacy whenever he needs some medication.

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Their service is very suitable for old patients as they don't need to spend time going outside. They are most trusted certified mail-order pharmacies who serves over 250,000 patients worldwide
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More On Veggies Pleas

I did my Belly Dance workout and ate less food however, it still contain carbs. But that's ok. It will still help me to lose weight as long as I don't overeat.
I still have to control taking food rich in carbohydrated and focus on eating veggies and fruits. I don't have any veggies right now, but I will try to have some tomorrow if I can, or maybe on the weekend so I can start eating more veggies for next week. I need to focus so I can lose weight. I can't wait to take another picture of me.
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