Friday, September 30, 2011

Flushing The Toxins To Lose Weight

I need to lose weight. I need to focus on eating just fruits and veggies at least for one or two days to flush all the toxins in my body. I really need to focus on losing at least 5 pounds. I am on the edge of going back on the same unhealthy me.

Even if I am continously working out, I need to focus on eating the right foods so I won't gain weight easily even if I stopped working out for a couple of days. And this is, by eating less carbs and salty foods.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Classic Gal

Classic Gal
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fruits and Veggies For Pain

I am having so much pain on my left heel and aside from this, I am facing my emotional turmoil yesterday that's why I wasn't able to do my yesterday's workout. But I will definitely do my workout today despite that pain on my left heel.

I just need to drop hubby to his work and kids to their school then I will do my workout for yesterday. I just need to adjust my routine again for this week and make sure to do the important workout on my schedule.

After the workout, I will go to the doctor to have my heel to be checked. I can't let this pain stop me from my normal life's routine. I am also planning to do my less salt meat and carbs diet starting today because I suspect that this pain is from eating too much salt and meat.

Less salt and meat for the pain on my left heal and less carbs for my weight loss. This means that I will be eating fruits and veggies. I will make sure to drink a lot of water.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emotionally Stress To Workout

I was able to do my workout dvd today and I am glad I did, despite my bad mood. Following the workout steps helps to release some emotional stress I am having.

Exercising really helps to release some stress both physically and emotionally. However, forcing myself to workout when I am having emotional turmoil is really hard.

Tomorrow, I will have some phonecalls to make which can create another emotional turmoil so I have to make sure to do my workout before making any phonecalls.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lazy To Workout For Stress

I didn't do my workout for today and I feel bad about it. I was simply lazy and feeling tired so I went back to bed after I dropped hubby to work, instead of working out.

I actually feel so lazy and unmotivated because of some things going on in my head. It is frustrating to have something in mind that is bothering me. It makes me lazy to do things that can uplift my spirit. I have toforce myself to workout tomorrow, since working out can release stress.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can't Workout Due To Headache

I am not sure if I can do my workout today because I don't feel well. I am having a headache. I really need to go to sleep early. I will try to do my workout if I wake up this afternoon, otherwise, I will just do my today's workout tomorrow. Then I will just double my workout on Saturday to make sure to complete my workout routine schedule for this week.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hard To Lose Weight

It's the third day of the week and I am folllowing all the workout routines with no problems. I am also making sure to drink as many water as I can so I won't get sick anymore.

I am not gaining any weight even if I have been eating a lot of carbohydrates lately, I just need to control eating too much carbs so I can lose the weight i gained last summer. It's really hard!!!
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sick For Workout Again

I wasn't able to do my workout this morning due to another pelvic pain attack. I went to my family doctor and gave me another set of antibiotic because it is a sign of infection. But this time, he ask to do the urine test to make sure what is causing this infection.

Two reasons for this infection is due to sexual activities and not drinking enough water.. We are not have some sexual activities for a couple of weeks before this last infection, because I have been sick here and there. I suspect it is because I am not drnking a lot of water.

I will see if the pain is less tomorrow so I can do my workout. I feel bad that I am always sick...
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Missed One Day Workout

I was able to follow all the workout routines for these week, except for yesterday. I was caught up with my singing passion using my Magic Mic, and ended up not doing my workout. I guess I was trying to practice for our upcoming party next week. lols...

I was glad that I was able to get some energy to do 45 minutes weight aerobics today. At least I only missed one day workout. I will try to do two dvd's on Sunday.

I am having another pelvic pain so I have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning. I suspect this is another infection. So I am not sure if I can run this weekend again, but I will try my best.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Running With Pain

It wasn't in my workout plan to run yesterday because of the pain I was having in my left hip to my left knee going down to my left ankle. But I suprisingly was able to do my 15 minutes outdoor run.

I am still having the ankle pain but I will still try my best to run today after my latin dance workout. I still want to lose the extra weight I gained this summer. I would never want to go back to the FAT me.

I am drinking plenty of water and I think it really helped in decreasing the intense of the pain. Doing a lot of stretching also helped.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vegetarian Diet: Don't be Afraid of Malnutrition

Vegetarian Diet: Don't be Afraid of Malnutrition - Everyone, including vegetarians should eat nutritious food every day to keep the body healthy. However, because only eat foods of plant origin, vegetarians often have a shortage of nutrients contained in foods of animal origin, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, iron, protein, riboflavin and fat.

A vegetarian have to be smart in diet, so the nutrients needed by the body can still be met properly. Regulate eating and increase the amount of consumption of vegetable protein is one of the right way. To meet the needs of protein, a vegetarian can consume milk and soy. Beside that, the combination of foods such as rice, cereal, beans, bread and peanut butter is an option that can be tried. To meet the needs of fat, almonds which contain polyunsaturated fattyacids could be the right choice.

So.. as long as eating the right foods, there is no reason for vegetarians to be afraid of malnutrition.

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Importance of Water For Arthritis

I didn't run yesterday morning as I've planned to because of the pain I am having on the left hips going down to my left knee, down to my left ankle. It is horrible.!! I suspect it is mild arthritis due to stiff muscles, so I made sure to drink a lot of water.

Water is very important to our health specially if you are very active and doing at lot of exercise. Water helps to clear the system as your kidney keeps on working hard to burn extra calories on your body.

Water also helps to lose weight faster because it speed up the metabolism and helps your kidney to burn more fats as you work hard to burn those calories by exercising.

The problem with me is that, I always forgot to drink as much water as I can which is giving me joints and muscle pain.

Anyway, even if I didn't run yesterday, I added 30 minutes dance workout on my dance workout routine. So I I did more than an hour workout yesterday.

Today, I will try to run after my 50 minutes dance workout + abs workout. I will make sure to do more stretching and drink a lot of Water.
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Importance of Facial Mask For Acne

It is already September and summer is almost done, but it is still very humid. Humid weather makes my skin very oily. This is the time that I really need to be vigilant in keeping my skin free from dirt and oil.

I just received an inquiry about my facial mask two days ago, from a mother who have a daughter who is suffering from acne because of the oily skin. I advice her that not all Face Masks can be suitable to everyone. She have to choose the right facial mask for her daughter's oily and acne prone skin.

I also adviced her to see a doctor before using any skin care products. However, since I have also suffered the same skin problems for such a long time, I shared to her my very own experience about acne.

Doctor's acne treatment may or may not work for everyone. Unless you keep your skin clean, your acne will always persist.


Use the right facial mask two to three times a week. Use a facial steamer to open the pores and draw out all the extra dirt and oil on the skin. Wipe your face with a very clean and warm face towel and apply the right facial mask on your skin. Leave the facial mask for at least 20 minutes and wipe it off. Use the right skin care solution, after.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Less Carbs for Weights Muscle Toning Month

I feel so guilty for not doing my workout yesterday. I was hooked in my passion in web designing. I just love to look at the changes I made with some of my blogs.

Tomorrow, I will make it up and cover the 2 days LOST workout times I had this week. I will do my Dance Off The Inches Belly Dance Workout today (45 mins) and run for 15 minutes. And on Sunday, I will do my Petra Just Dance (50mins)+ 10 mins abs workout and do my 15 mins run. I know I will miss two 30 minutes dance workout on my workout schedule, but I will leave it for now because my hips pain is killing me. Dance workout is giving me hips muscle pain.

I have printed the workout routine for the month of September, and I am ready to focus on my fitness plan. I will try my very best to watch the food that I eat for this month otherwise, I will look BULKy since my workout routine for this month is focus on weight toning exercises. So I need to eat less carbs.
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Buy Yoga Mats Online

I was weighing myself at work last night and I feel so bad to see how much weight I gained this summer. I really need to lose weight.

Although, I have never stop working out but I have lost my focus on watching the foods that I eat and I really need to focus on eating the right food and the right portion of the food that I eat everyday to lose those extra weight I gained this summer.

The weather is getting colder and I will go back working out and running at the gym soon. I need to buy a nice workout outfit and I mat where I can do my stretching after my workout. I found this very nice yoga mats online, and I get so excited to choose something light that I can bring on the gym with me. I don't want to use any of the mats at the gym since different people are using it.

These yoga mats can be use in and out of the gym. I might buy 2 yoga mats before the winter starts, to use at the gym and the other one at home.
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