Saturday, June 28, 2008

Best Place For Medical Equipment

Is it safe to sell used medical items online? Some medical items are still functional after one use but they pose great risk of cross contamination. And this can be a cause of infection. Even if sterilization processes can kill 99% of micro-organisms, there is still always a chance that a re-used item could be contaminated.

Equipment in a medical lab can be divided into two categories: one-use items, and larger machines. The one-use items are syringes, scalpels, vials, and anything else that cannot be used on more than one person, or even for more than one sample. Larger machines do not actually come into contact with body tissue or fluids. This includes centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and other devices necessary for the analysis of microbiological agents. Machines of this nature must be regularly cleaned and sterilized, but do not pose any risk of contaminating other samples with re-use. carries durable used and refurbished medical equipment, including EKG/ ECG Machines, patient monitors, dental equipment, defibrillators, densitometers, blood analyzers, pulse oximeters, ultrasound equipment, stress test EKG's, autoclaves, power chairs/tables, electrosurgical units and anesthesia machines. They make sure to update Best Buys page that contains used medical equipment. They offer customers access to one of the largest overstock and refurbished medical equipment. If you cannot see what you are looking you can call them at (866)590-4878 they will order it for you.
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What Heals The Skin

The dermis is a layer of connective tissue with strenght and elasticity from two main structural porteins, collagen and elastin and a rich network of blood vessels and lymph channels. Between dermis and epidermis is a barrier layer called the basement membrane, which prevent most commercial anti-wrinkle and anti-cellulite remedies from penetrating to a level where there might have an effects.

Hair follicles and sweat glands begin in the dermis and end on the surface. They are made up of epidermal cells which exend down into the dermis. This is important for techniques of skin surfacing because with healing, the epidermis must cover the surface involve in removing the surfac of epidermis plus the underlying dermis. The new suirface has to grow out from the hair follicles and sweat glands, and spread out to cover the surface once again.
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Friday, June 27, 2008

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Have you been seeing little red spots on your bed? People rarely see bed bugs in the act because they come out while you are sleeping. Also, you can only feel the bites few minutes after you have been bitten.

You should visit Bed Bugs Guide website so you will be informed how to kill bed bugs. This will guide you what to do if you've got a bed bug infestation or are worried about them. They will tell you why they are in your bed, and what you need to do to get rid of them. This can guide you how to save your mattress so you don't have to buy an expensive new bed.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reducing Scars For Some Operation

All surgical procedures result in scars. One of the main skills of plastic surgeons is to conrtol scar formation. They do this by carefully choosing incision location and pattern, by gently handling the skin with fine, specialized instruments, and by the skillful and careful repair of surgically or traumatically created incisions and wounds.

The development of minimal incision or endoscopic surgery, is a significant advance in reducing scars for some operations.

Much of how you will form scars, however, depends on the location of the incision, and your racial and genetic pre-disposition to scarring. People with black African and yellow Asian skin are especially prone to excess scarring, and incisions must be very carefully planned.
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

There Is No Easy Solution

You can only understand the pain, if you see someone you love slowly killing themselves. A lot of people tried everything and spent money just to help their love ones on addiction. If you have tried countless therapists, interventions or a rapid detox program and nothing worked, Cliffside Malibu is the right place for drug addiction.

Cliffside Malibu is a residential drug rehab, alcohol rehab center and extended care facility for adults suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, depression, and other co-occurring disorders. The components of alcohol and drug rehab include detox, individual therapy, group therapy, depression treatment, and alternative medicine.

Some aspects of Drug Rehab and alcohol rehab can be uncomfortable, Cliffside Addiction Treatment center make everything as comfortable as possible. Patients are not being being punished for their addictions. Instead, they are being treated with the respect and luxury that they deserve. Their staff have a simple but profound understanding of the nature and effects of addiction.

There are no rush or shortcuts in a Drug Treatment Center because there no easy solutions for addiction. You can only get better if you commit yourself to the long-term fight. And to be able to fight, you’re going to need all the help you can get.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Botox Therapy For Wrinkles

Botox is a new therapy being used for wrinkles of the brows and around the eyes. It is made from same toxin which causes botulism poisoning, but is used in much lower doses. Botox has been used successfully for years for treating wrinkles around the eyes. It has recently been applied for costmetic uses. Injection results in temporary paralysis of the injected muscles for apporximately 3 to 6 months. It is usually used for frown lines and crows foot lines. But it has no effect on longstanding established wrinkles where the skin has been deeply creased.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fat Injections For Wrinkles

Fat injections has few benefits in the treatment of wrinkles, but recent work has shown that part of aging is the gradual loss of fat from the face. So operation, lasting less than an hour. Fat is injected where it is needed in the face. Filling out contours and plumbing up the skin. It is taken by liposuction from another part of the body.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Post Surgery Exercise

My doctor told me that I cannot start my exercise routine until next month, because of my surgery. I can only do a normal walking and some stretching. I tried doing Yoga Relaxation and I find it very effective on some of my stiff muscles. Now I need to find a good Yoga Mat.

A Yoga mat is an essential item for the practice of yoga. Yoga Mats come with variety of thicknesses, colours and materials. You have to remember that yoga mats are different from other types of exercise mat.

The next thing I have in mind when I am ready to do some extensive exercise is a Swiss Balls to tone muscles. It is not advisable to use barbells on a Swiss ball as this can be dangerous.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vakue Of Collagen Treatment

Collagen in skin care product is no value because it cannot penetrate through the upper layers of the skin. However, Purified collagen protein has been injected into fine lines and wrinkles for about twenty years. A simple office visit is required and the injections takes only a few minutes. The skin test for allergy is required, prior to the treatments. It takes several days to see the results of the test. Many doctors do a second test and it is good to prevent allergic reactions to the injected collagen. Collagen Treatments are moderately effective but the effects are relatively transient, lasting only for three to six months.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Treatment For Aging and Sun Damage

Aging and sun damage have been treated for many decades with dermabrasion. A mechanical sanding of the skin with a rapidly spinning abrasive device, or by chemical peel- the application of weak acid solutions. Both methods produce a superficial second degreee or partial thickness burn. Dermabrasion cause a mild friction burn, just as we all got when we fell and scrapped ourselves. Chemical peels produce a mild chemical burn.
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Cause Skin Cancer?

The skin is made up of two main layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is a thin layer which acts as a barrier to prevent moisture from leaving the body and fluid and chemical from entering the body. The epidermis is several skin cells , thick and develop from the deeper epidermis, gradually maturing, migrating towards the surface, becoming a keratin protein, factory and finally flaking off at the surface.

Most of cells in the epidermis are skin cells called keratinocytes where the function is making keratin as the structural protein of the skin. There are other cells in the epidermis and these includes melanocytes. These make the pigment which gives the skin it's color and become more active when expose to the sun. When there is a sun damage, there are excess pigmentation on different areas of the skin. Melanocytes are the cells which are linked to melanoma- a serious skin cancer and it's solar radiation which is most responsible for the development if this type of cancer.
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Closer Look on Removing Wrinkles

The skins is two layes. The epidermis and the dermis. Hair and sweat glands are lined by epidermis cells and extend well into the dermis.
Dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing remove the epidermis and part of the dermis, leaving sweat glands and hair follicles in the remaining dermis.
Cells grow out from the hair and sweat glands to form a new epidermis. The dermis is slightly thinner. After healing, shallow wrinkles may be eliminated, deeper ones are shallower
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who Often Have Wrinkles?

A lot of us always think that wrinkles are usually result of natural aging and drying of the skin. They are actually cause by radiation and chemical sun damage. The radiation comes mainly in the form of harmful sun damage, and chemical injury is most common with cigarete. Many women in their 70's and 80's have smooth skin but exhibit some changes of aging such as jowis and neck bands. People who spend a lot of times under the sun often have thickenes, leathery skin along with deep and fine creases and lines. Smokers often have extensive fine line wrinkles running from the mouth outwards and around the eyes.
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