Friday, February 20, 2009

Replacement For Proactive Beauty Products

I am so suprised and ammazed how natural substances works on my skin. A simple recipe with a very cheap price can replace all of those expensive synthetic beauty cosmetics that I have been using for my oily and sensitive skin.

I have been using Proactive to control my Acne problem and here I am, using Pure Essential oil and dilute it using Cosmetics bases made from Natural Ingredients. I am using Witch Hazel in replacement for Proactive skin Toner, Natural Facial Cream in replacement of Proactive renewing lotion and Natural Facial Gel to replace Proactive facial wash. I also replace all my Proactive Makeup with Natural Mineral Makeup

Unlike Proactive products, these Natural Facial Care products are very gentle on skin so you can use it at any season. It's very affordable and friendly to our environment. You dont have to worry if you are using too much that can harm your skin. I am now more confident that I am using product that will never harm my skin if I used too much. Visit and switch from harsh synthetic beauty cosmetics to gentle and mild Natural Beauty Cosmetics
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wonderful Effects Of Essential Oil On Skin

I can't believe how powerful the effect of essential oils on my skin. I used proactive product for many years because this is the only skin care product that worked on my sensitive and oily skin. I am sure that a lot of people know how expensive this skin care product is. And yet, I couldn't use it during winter because it dries up my skin. Until I discover the wonderful effects of Essential oil on my skin. Essential oil is not good to use directly on skin. It has to be diluted with other natural ingredients like beeswax, vegetable oils and other natural ingredients to give the Essential oil the power to work on the skin effectively.

Visit my website All Natural Cosmetics 4u, and experience the holistic effects of Essential oil on your skin. You'll never go back using those expensive synthetic cosmetics.
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Benefits of Fruit Extracts On Skin Care Products

I have created a wonderful Mild Facial Wash for me. I bought the Mild Facial Wash from my Supplier and just added few dropped of Essential Oil, Floral water and Fruit Extarcts for more effective result on skin. Then I posted it on my website. I will be making more scent and flavor for all my natural skin care products.

I am thinking of focusing on adding different fruit extract because it has more minerals that is so beneficial on skin. The scent on the Fruit Extract is not that strong so I have to use Essential oil to give a refreshing scent. There are many synthetics fruit fragrance that I can add that will match the scent of the fruit flavor, but I decided to stick on natural ingredients. Beside, the effect of Essential Oils on skin will give more benefits. I will try to focus on using Essential oil that has mild effects on skin. Visit my online store All Natural Cosmetics 4u. I offer affordable skin care products made from natural ingredients. You'll be surprised about the amazing effect of Natural Cosmetics on your skin and it is friendlier on the environment. I will be adding more scent and flavor on each products.
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