Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Weight Loss

I am so happy that I am continously loosing weight. About 7 to 8 more pounds to go, and I am done with my 7 days diet. How will I maintain my weight? I will eat the food that I always want to eat, but always in MODERATION and always make sure to eat more foods rich in fiber.

There are so many ways to maintain the weight. My weight may go up but I just have to make sure that it won't go up to more than 5 pounds like I had after my last surgery. Happy weight loss and feel great!!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eating Food While On Diet

I lost another 3 pounds doing 5 days of the 7 days diet. I am broke the plan because it's the weekend. It's realy hard to control eating the food that I love to eat during the weekend, but I will make sure that I will eat everything in moderation.

I will start the 7 days diet again this week with friend's request. I might do this diet from Monday to Friday until I reach my weight goal. At least I won't deprive myself eating food that I love to eat during the weekend. I will just eat in moderation to keep loosing weight, plus make sure to sweat often.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

2nd 1st Day Of The 7 Days Diet

Last night I started another 1st day of the 7 days diet. I really hope to loose more weight this time since I am more focus and inspired. I am doing this 7days diet together with some ladies at work, and I hope we can all get something by the end of the week.

I did a lot of cheating the last time I did this 7 days diet. I can not promise that I won't cheat this time but I will try my best not to, so I can loose more weight this time.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rest From Weight Loss Diet

I will be off fro my diet this week and will resume my 7 days diet the following week. But that doesn't mean that I can eat like a pig. I will make sure to keep loosing weight slowly by watching the food that I eat and it's portion, plus continue doing my regular exercise.

I have to wait for a friend to have the 7 days diet with me because she also wants to loose some weight faster. She also have tried this 7 Days diet with the Vegetable Diet Soup before, so she knows how effective it was. It's hard but it all worth it.

For the meantime, I will rest for this week and start the strict weight loss diet soon. It's good to take some rest to prepare your mind and body for another set to days, controling yourself not to eat the foods that you love to eat.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ruined 5th Day of The 7 Days Diet

I didn't survive the 5th day of my 7 days diet. Everything was ruined and I feel bad about it. !! But I will try my best to continue avoiding fatty foods and foods rich in carbohydrates this coming week, while resting for one week and preparing for another week of 7 days diet.

It's really hadr for me to go on a diet during the weekend because it feels so good to eat with my family.
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5th Day Of The 7 Days Diet

I survive the 4th day of the 7 days diet eating only banana and milk plus the vegetable diet soup. I started the 5th day of the 7 days diet soup early yesterday, eating only chicken or beef with tomotoe. But I haven't eaten the vegetable diet soup yet. Hoping I will have the will to make another batch of the vegetable diet soup before the end of the day. I am starting to hate the taste of eat and thinking of not including it on the last 3rd days of the 7 days diet.

Anyway, I already have the energy to do my regular exercise since I have eaten some meat already. So I did, the 30 minutes step dance aerobics today and I am planning to do the 60 minutes exercise tomorrow.

I tried on some of my old jeans and I am so happy to see that it all fit on me now. However, I am still not comfortable wearing them because it's still kinda tight on my lower waist (it's all low waist)... I am more comfortable wearing loose jeans.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

4th Day of & Days Diet

I survive my 3rd day of 7 days diet eating only fruits and veggies plus the vegetable diet soup. I already started my 4th day eating only banana and milk plus the vegetable diet soup.

Last night I have to eat banana yogurt in replacement of milk because I dont want to be going in and out of the washroom because of drinking too much milk. So since I am off from work today, I will be drinking milk and continue eating banana until 12midnight.

I already lost 5.5 pounds and looking forward to loose more so I can start wearing my old jeans. I am happy that I finally have the will to do it.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3rd Day Of 7 Days Diet

I survive my 2nd day of my 7 days diet eating only veggies plus the vegetable diet sopu. I am now on my 3rd day of my 7 days diet and have started it last night at work, eating veggies and fruits.

I was a bit dizzy yesterday and couldn't sleep after I pick up my kids at school. Then when I weigh myself, I lost an instant 4 pounds. It freaks me out and I admit that I got a little bit scared loosing this much weigh in two days. So I cheat and eat about 45 squid balls and my dizziness was gone.

Today I also cheated eating about 3 squid balls because I don't want to loose that much weight again too fast.

I will not do my exercise today and see if I will still loose weight.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2nd Day Of My 7 Days Diet

I survive the 1st day of my 7 days diet, eating only fruits and the vegetable diet soup. Today is my second day of my 7 days diet and I have started eating vegetable only with the vegetable diet soup, last night at work.

After I drop my kids to school, I will go straight to the grocery store to buy about 4 dishes of vegetable salad which I will eat until tomorrow.

I will defintely finish this 7 days diet plan to completely clean my system so the weight loss will be faster and healthier. Looking forward wearing some of my old jeans soon.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day Of My 7 Days Diet

Today is the first day of my 7 days diet with the vegetable diet soup. My will is so strong that I am very much ready finish the diet until the 7th day. I really hope to loose not less than 5 pounds until Sunday with a maximum of 10 pounds. I want to see a different me by October.

I am eating only fruits and the Vegetable Diet Soup today. I started my day eating watermelon and one bowl of the vegetable diet soup.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mind Set For Weight Loss

My mind is set to start the 7 days strict diet. I cannot promise I wont cheat, but I will definitely finish the diet in 7 days. This diet will not only can speed up the metabolism but it will also clean the system making the weight loss faster and healthy. I just need this 7 days diet and after this, everything will be just maintenance.

I need to loose weight by October or at least before the laser treatment starts to take effect and my skin starts to tighten. Then I will see if I need to have Juvederm treatment on some part of my face. Waaaaaa, I am really so Vain!!
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Vain For Beauty

I am not loosing weight.. Or even if I do, it is very slow..So I really need to start the 7 days strict diet with the Vegetable Diet Soup. I will start it on Monday and finish it by Sunday. I am crossing my fingers that I can do it religously, so I will loose the 10 lbs that I have been wanting to get rid off.

I need to loose 10 lbs before October after the result of the first laser treatment for my acne scars. I need to see if I need to add the loss volume on some part of my face after loosing weight while waiting for the improvement of my skin with the laser treatment for my acne scars.

The laser treatment will tighten the skin so I need to loose weight to see, if I still need to add volume on my face after loosing the weight. I am so VAIN!!!
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Desperately Need To Loose Weight

I am so desperate to loose weight because the laser treatment will start soon. I need to loose 10 lbs by October so I will decide if I will need a Juvederm treatment. I will try to start the 7 days strict diet next week and hopefully, I will loose the weight I need to loose by October. This way, I just need to maintain the weight until next year for our reunion.

Today, I only eat fish and a lot of watermelon for my breakfast. I will not eat anything until I wake up tonight before I go to work. Maybe a coffee will do just to wake me up.
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