Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Exercise Videos For Variety Of Movement

Today I received these two exercise videos I orderd from Collage Videos last week. It's only one week for delivery and I really think they have an awesome delivery service.

I am excited to start learning the moves and just have fun with it in a couple of days. I wanted to really have a variety of exercise videos so my body will not get used to doing the same kind of moves every week. I want to make sure, I am doing different moves everyday, and changing it every week.

I still have about 3 videos left to order and I might ordered them sometime next month.
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bulky Look Due To Sweets

I am starting to feel like going back to work because I feel like I am starting to look bulky again for eating too much sweets and carbs. However, my weight is almost the same. I have probably gained 2 to 3 pounds but I am not so worried about it because I can easily loose it once I start working again. I am more worried about the bulk I am getting because of eating too much sweets. I need to avoid eating carbohydrates and sweet foods or I will go back to the BIG ME!! I need to go back to work!!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adding More Time To Workout

I want to eat at Max Restaurant today. I know this is going to add up to the calories that I am trying to avoid. But geeeee, I am really craving to taste the food there. lols...

I might just add more time to my workout everyday and avoid carbohydrates so I won't look bulky on my upper body. My upper body is the first part to get bulk everytime I gain weight.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Second Thought of Buying Treadmill

My weight is still the same but I feel so guilty keep eating unhealthy food for a couple of days now and it is getting worst now that I am just at home. I have to stop these habit or I will gain all the weight that I lost. I need to loose weight even if I am on vacation. I know it is impossible to do it but I will try my best.

We were suppose to buy the treadmill at Walmart this morning because it is on sale. But kids discourage me because we have no more space at home. So I had a second thought buying it. Beside, I want to make sure that we have enough budget for this which I doubt to have enough, because I am planning to have juvederm treatment next months which is quite expensive as well.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dancing And Running During Vacation

Sometimes, looking or seeing those pictures of your old friends or classmates whose figure are still very much the same as we were young makes me more inspired to loose more weight. I know it will be hard to loose weight while on holiday vacation but I will realy try. Or otherwise, continue my weight loss early next year when there is no more parties and with my busy schedule.

Seeing her picture made me want to buy a treadmill so I can do my run at home in the afternoon, and my dance with abs workout during in the morning. I really think being more physically active will speed up the metabolism and continue to loose weight.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hard To Loose Weight During Holiday

I have been eating a lot for the past few days and I really feel guilty about it. Tomorrow I will make sure not to eat any carns and focus on eating veggies and fruits and small portion of meat. Then I will do a lot of exercise.

It's hard to do exercise two times a day because everybody is using the TV in the basement. I can only do my dance exercise early in the morning because everybody are still sleeping. If I only have the treadmill at home, then I can do at least 15 minutes run in the afternoon.

I wanted to loose weight even if I am on my holiday vacation. I know it's hard because my body is always at rest, but there is no harm in trying. I need to loose at least, those extra calories I took with all those parties that I attended. And perhaps more weight if I can!!
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Two Exercise Videos

I just ordered two exercise videos from my wishlist.

Kelly Coffey's 30 Minutes to Fitness: Kickboxing- Kelly Coffey-Meyer shows perfect form in these no-nonsense, calorie-blasting combos (“it’s only 30 minutes; there’s no time for frilly choreography”). While not complex, the upper and lower-body combinations are varied and always changing. Every two minutes, you’ll learn a pattern, practice/execute it … then move on to something new. The moves range way beyond standard jabs and kicks. Kelly mixes “shuffle jab combos” and “fast five punches” with “duck rear kicks” and “step back lunges.” DVD includes a bonus workout — 24 minutes of core-focused cardio and floorwork. It also has a 14-minute kickbox tutorial and a 14-minute bonus abs segment.

Cheryl Burke's Disco Abs- A three-DVD set that features super-motivating disco hits sung by the original artists. You’ll blast calories with classics like “YMCA,” “That’s the Way I Like It,” “I Will Survive” and “It’s Raining Men.” The moves are pure disco — from Hustle steps and Celebration slides to “Comb Over Arms” and “Fever Hips.” These fast-paced fat-burners also include an ab-toning element (“twist that core,” “keep your abs pulled in”). You get three cardio workouts and a toning program (plus a 5-minute, pure-abs segment). The cardio programs build in intensity. The first is a short, beginner-level workout/tutorial. The next two programs integrate those steps into non-stop, high-energy dance workouts. The toning series features dance-inspired, all-standing moves designed to firm your legs, thighs and buttocks. DVDs offer two music volume options —
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Weight Loss Goal During Holiday

I have been eating a lot for a couple of days now. I need to watch the food and the amount of food that I am taking this weekend. I still have one more Christmas party to attend in few days from now, so I need to watch my diet so I won't gain weight.

I will try my best to continue loosing weight even if I am on my Holiday Vacation. This I can do if I will continue to watch what I eat and continue being active.

I need to buy my own treadmill so I can continue my workout even at home during my holiday vacation. But I am not sure yet if our budget can afford it. I still have to look at it. But I will definitely buy new dance exercise DVDs so I can continue working out with variety of movements.

I am planning to workout 2 times a day during my vacation. One 45 minutes aero everyday, and alternate 30 minutes body toning and 30 minutes ab training. If I have a treadmill, I will add 15 minutes run every other day on this workout routine to continue loosing weight.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Focus On Health

I only did 15 minutes abs exercise yesterday and I wasn't able to run at the gym last night because I feel so tired that I need to go back to bed for another extra 30minutes on bed. I felt more energized and I wasn't that sleepy driving back home this morning.

I did some household chores yesterday and I guess I have to blame myself from spending more time in facebook. I feel some kind of extra attention feeling that my hubby's xgf is staring at my fb like what I am doing to hers.

I guess I was trying to figure out if she is still interested with hubby. or who she really is? I know it's so weird of me and I really need to change my way of thinking on this. However, I figure out that she is not the bible person that she was trying to convey on her profile.

I need to take my mind off this nonsense thing and continue to focus my mind on more important things particularly on my health
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Choose The Best Weight Loss Diet Pills

The fitness advisor at our gym advice me to take variety of exercise to continue to loose weight. Our body get used to the activities that we do, that's why we will notice that even if we keep doing the same exercise and eating the right food, our body slows down in loosing weight. This is the reason why I buy a lot of different exercise videos.

But if you are trying to loose weight faster, taking a weight loss pills may be a good idea. However, you need to find the best weight loss diet pills so you won't be taking any poisonous ingredients inside your body. Remember that loosing weight is the step to leave a healthy life.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and choose healthy meat like fish and chicken. Switch white carbohydrate foods to brown, as it has more nutrients that will help you in your weight loss. Be as active as you can by choosing activities that you will enjoy.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Exercise Videos

I finally received the two recent exercise videos that I ordered online. I was so tired from last nights overtime so I wasn't able to try to dance with these two new exercise videos.

Tamilee Webb's Abs, Abs, AbsSeven different abdominal programs — Tamilee’s all-time favorite ab workouts re-edited from her earlier productions. The variety is super-motivating. Each day of the week, you get different moves, styles and settings. The moves range from classic curls and crunches to newer rotational, balance and Pilates routines. Mostly floorwork, Tamilee also includes standing, kneeling and seated exercises. The cuing is friendly and easy to follow (and Tamilee’s own toned abs are truly inspirational). One workout requires 1 to 3 lb. dumbbells

Jennifer Galardi's Sweating Sexy. It’s playful and flirty with moves that range from ballet to hip hop. Sure, you’ll break a sweat and burn some calories. But the emphasis is on having fun and enjoying your own sensuality (e.g. “toss that hair,” “make it big and sexy,” “add a little hip action”). The first section is all body sculpting. It features controlled, slower-paced movements designed to engage your abs, and lower body (e.g. pliés and relevés). The second section boosts the tempo and the fat burning. It features faster versions of the earlier moves while adding more contemporary dance steps
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Proven Effective Weight Loss

I am so happy with all the weight that I lost. I feel so great and more energized, in and out. I feel like it's a whole new me. It's changed so much in me not only on th eoutside, but more on the inside. My outlook with my everyday life changes as if, I look on everythings so light and full of joy.

The weight loss challenge that I joined at my work has still two more weeks to go. Whether I win or not, Iam so happy with the great motivation I got from joining this game. I lost so much weight in no time.

My weight loss journey doesn't end two weeks from now. I still have few more pounds that I want to loose that will completely change the way I look. I am a bit worried about the way my skin will look after loosing that much weight, that's why I have an appointment with my cosmetics surgeon today, to give me a good advice on how to look my best after loosing weight.

As my journey in loosing weight goes on, I realized that I need to eat lesser and do more exercise to continously loos some weight. I am thinking of taking weight loss pills once my metabolism has reached it's maximum. And if ever I do, I will make sure to take the best weight loss pills
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