Saturday, December 31, 2011

Focus More On Eating Than Workout

Well, I ruined all my diet plan since Tuesday so I didn't lose the weight that I planned. However, at least I lost the weight that I gained from all the holidays parties. All I need is to lose the 5 lbs that gained since last summer. It's frustrating to have this extra weight for that long. It's getting into my self-confidence. So I really need to lose these weight before my vacation in the Philippines on February.
Adding lettuce on most of my diet meals is giving my arthritis so I need to eat fruits instead and lesser carbs to lose weight. I dont think I can add more time on my workout because the time I am spending on my workout is already too much for my busy life. I just need to focus on my eating habits.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lose and Gained Weight

I lost 4 pounds and I gained 1 pound again because of the ruined diet last Tuesday night at the get together Christmas party at my friends house. Plus the uncontrolled eating of carbohydrates yesterday and no exercise as well. I will make sure not to eat any carbs and to do my workout today. I need to lose weight!!
I am thinking of starting the 7 days diet again from the start tomorrow to make sure that I will lose enough weight before I go back to work. I seriously need to lose weight before I have my vacation in the Philippines on February
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Lost Weight Even With Cheating Diet

Despite the fact that my mind is flying with my new inspiration to smile with this boring life, and my addiction in watching Filipino Drama show with my new member subscription with TFC Filipino Channel online while on vacation, here I am losing weight.. Yey, I lost 3 pounds now doing the 7 days Cabbage Soup Diet Plan, without exercising!!!
I did a lot of cheating yesterday because I am not suppose to eat any meat but I did. I am also not suppose to eat too much carbs but I did because my brother and his family were here to celebrate Christmas with us.

But I am making it up for today and I will make sure to eat only fruits and veggies as said on the 3rd day of 7 days diet plan.

I don't think I will be able to do my workout today because I wasn't able to get a good sleep last night due to drinking too much diet coke. But I will try my very best
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Day Of My Weight Loss Diet

Today, I started my 1st day of the 7 days Cabbage Soup Diet. I am hoping to lose at least 5 pounds by new year. And then I will just follow this with fruits and veggies diet and with little meat for protein and avoid carbs until I lose 10 pounds.
I feel bloated for the past few days and I feel like if I will not do this diet, I will continue gaining weight and start my clothes to be tight. Right now, all my clothes still fit and I dont want to go to the point were I can't fit to any of my jeans. That will be so frustrating.

So today, I am only eating fruits except for banana or grapes plus the cabbage soup. Tomorrow, will be veggies and some potatoe, so I can still survive even if my brother and his family will be here to eat with us. I will simply eat vegetable salad.
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Workout After 4 Days Of Pain

After 4 days of not working out due to pelvic pain, I am so happy that I finally did my Step Kickboxing workout for 50 minutes. Yey!!! I am still having some pain but it's tolerable so I was able to workout for 50 minutes.
Today I will buy the ingredients that I will need for my 7 days cabbage soup diet and make sure to lose weight before the new year, and will make sure to lose more for my vacation in the Philippines on February. I dont want to look skinny but just to look good for my age...

I will start my 7 days diet on Christmas day and then followed by veggies and fruit with less carns diet. This 7 days cabbage soup diet is only to cleanse my system for speed weight lost after.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Workout Due To Pain

This is my 3rd day of no exercise due to my pelvic pain again. But it's okey, my mind is very much ready to start my 7 days vegetable diet soup during my vacation and I will make sure to lose those extra weight the I have been wanting to lose since summer.
I am also planning to do extra workout during my vacation to speed up my weight loss and make sure to look fit on new year and will try to lose more before my vacation in the Philippines on February.

For the meantime, I need to rest my body until the infection is cured. I will try not to eat too much carbs for a while. I will try my bext to do my workout tomorrow when I get home from work.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Vegetable Diet Soup During Vacation

I am having pelvic pain so I dont think I will be able to do my regular workout for today. I might just extend my weight aero workout routine until next week, which is suppose to be the start of my Dance workout routine. I will just start my 4 weeks Dance Workout routine next year, to start my new year fresh.
I will try my best to do my 7 days vegetable soup diet to make sure to lose weight even if I am on vacation. I need to lose weight because I will have my vacation in the Philippines next year. I will make sure to look good by then.

I might also enroll at any gym nearby to run at least 15 minutes 4 times a week during my vacation to speed up the weight loss.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Diet Thoughts On Vacation

I didn't eat much when I get home this morning. I will do my veggie and fruit diet during my vacation. This way, there is less temptation on foods
Tonight we will have a free dinner and tomorrow, we will have a Christmas potluck at work. How can I control my weight. So it is better to do the veggie and fruit diet while on vacation. I am also thinking of enrolling at the gym for few days so I can run while on vacation.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sad For Gained Weight

I am so sad with how my short insanity made me gain weight. It's the butterfly in the stomach and the crazy waiting on nonsense messages. But I am so back on my feet now.
Funny but I gained weight but my clothes still fits on me the same as usual. I guess my exercising helped me to maintain the level of my fat in my body. However, I still need to lose weight even if my clothes aren't tight on me.
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