Saturday, October 30, 2010

Run and Dance For Weight Loss

Yay, wasn't able to do my dance exercise today and I've been eating a lot of sweets.. Ngeee... But it's okey, ...Weekend is my free day!! and beside, I did a long dance yesterday with Jennifer Gallardi's Hip Hop party video. I will make sure to dance with Petra Kolberg's Just Dance video tomorrow..

I will increase the time of my run at the gym starting tomorrow. Maybe for another 3 minutes. I think my body is ready for this. This is going to be a long preparation for my run next year. I will do my outdoor run until I burn as many fats as I can.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweating The Weights Off While Having Fun

I finally completed dancing the whole video of Jennifer Gallardi's Hip Hop Party. I am sweating to death before the dvd end. Time flies and I had so much fun while sweating off fats. The steps are fun and easy to follow. Few days of practice and I am pretty sure that I can master the steps and start enjoying the moves while sweating those pounds off.

It's truly motivating to exercise when you're having fun with what you are doing. I didn't regret buying these kinds of exercise videos. It's all worth the time and money. I always look forward each and start dancing to master all the moves, so I can just enjoy dancing.

I will definitely buy another set of exercise videos after I master all the moves from all the new exercise videos that I recently bought.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Confusing But Fun Kickbox Workout

I have fun with Jeantte Jenkins Kickbox Party video yesterday. The choreography was a little confusing, mixing the kickbox from some sexy dance moves. The sequence of each segments is quite confusing, but I have fun with some of the moves.

I will give it for another 3 to 4 times to see if I will still find it confusing. It maybe because it was my first time to do her moves. But in fairness, I want to memorize some of her steps that find so fun. The sequence of each segment is quite messy but fun to workout with!!

This is a good start to start a kickboxing workout. I did sweat a lot though!!
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Outdoor Run Next year

I didn't run on the treadmill last night at work's gym because I feel so exhusted. I think my body is adjusting to this new activity. I couldn't sleep because my tummy keeps starving. So I ate some carbs and it made me fall asleep right away. This is probably the reason why I only lost few pounds when I was weigh during our weekly weight watch at work.

Few pounds lost will not discourage me to continue what I am doing to loose more weight. Infact, I am running on the treadmill now to prepare my body because I am planning to do an outdoor run starting on spring next year. Outdoor running is more intense workout so I will continue to loose weight by then making me look thinner and leaner.. hahahahha!!!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First 10 Minutes Treadmill Run

Last night, I started doing 10 minutes run on the Treadmill at the gym at work. This is my first time to use the treadmill at the gym. I just tried it because of the request of a friend, and also to see if I will like it. So far, I like it.. But I will find it boring to do it for more than 15 minutes. So I just started it at 10 minutes just to give my metabolism a boost and burn more fats. Dance Exercise is more fun!! I will run outside on summer next year to make sure that my energy will stay on the same level even if I dont use the treadmill anymore.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 Dance Exercise Videos For My Weight Loss

I finally ordered 4 Dance Exercise Video at I love their fast service that's why I ordered again. I can't wait to learning all the moves and sweating my fat away from these 4 Dance Exercise Video.
First is by Petra Kolberg. I cant wait to start dancing with on this video. "It's fluid series of not-too-complicated dance combos. It’s perfect for “non-dancers” —Petra always starts with a basic movement, then smoothly blends in the more challenging patterns. For example, a simple march may end up as a “six-count mambo with a rock step and a quick step ball change” (varied and fun, but not nearly as complex as it sounds). The dance moves range from cha chas and chassés to hip circles and body waves (with lots of optional pivots and turns). Petra’s smiling face, fitness-style cuing and encouraging attitude make it all very doable"

I can't wait to start pumping my heart with the hip hop steps of Jennifer Gallati. "A fun little fat-burner with three distinct hip hop styles: old school, sexy-smooth and world-beat. Poppin’ and dippin’ … shakin’ and jumpin’ — you’re burning calories as you work your midsection. The entire program has a party atmosphere — these girls are definitely having fun. Jennifer Galardi begins with hip hop classics like “butterfly” and “throw down.” Then it’s a sassy series of hip rolls, “slithers” and “catwalks.” You’ll end with a high-energy blend of Latin and Bollywood style moves. Jennifer’s straight-forward instruction includes some great visual cues (e.g. “move like spaghetti”). DVD has a 15-minute hip hop dance tutorial."

This is a short Hip Hop Dance video. It looks simple steps to follow from the video clip, and it's short which is good when I have short time to do my exercise. "Excellent cuing and lots of fun, it’s a great way to learn the newest hip hop moves as you burn mega-calories. The workout is non-intimidating and easy to follow because Juliane Arney always provides a “lifeline” (a simple step sequence you can return to if you start to “get a little lost”). Each of the three 10-minute sections starts with a basic 8-count pattern and gradually builds to more complex combinations. The moves range from grapevines and triple steps to “Outrageous,” “Double Dutch” and “Stir It Up” (push your arms up, then shake your shoulders and reach for the floor). Some moves are hard to do on carpet. DVD has a bonus 10-minute "Hip HOp Groove" segment."

I will finally learn kickboxing exercise from this video. I have been wanting to learn kickboxing and this may be a good start. "By Jeanette Jenkins, you get a motivating mix of powerful kickboxing and Jamaican-style island dance. It’s a combination that really works — the faster/slower intervals provide an aerobic/anaerobic element while the movement variety keeps you energized (a tough kickboxing segment is followed by an easier dance section). The kickbox routines include jumping jacks and kick-punch combos that engage the entire body as they blast fat (they’re true “combinations,” not just endless jabs or punches). The shorter dance segments have a softer feel, with low-impact step touches and lots of hip action"
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fast Delivery Abs Exercise Videos

I finally received the two abs exercise videos that ordered online last weekend. I am so suprised how fast the delivery is. I will be ordering my next exercise videos on this website again soon. For the meantime, I will have fun with these two abs exercise videos while I am saving money for another set of exercise videos. I am so excited to start doing them and see how it work on my abs while I am loosing weight.

I am thinking of buying 4 Dance Workout Videos of Hip Hop, and latin. I need a variety of video exercises at home to keep me motivated to do short exercise everyday and continue to loose weight
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smart Change Of Lifestyle To Loose Weight

I am happy with the weight loss diet that was given to us at the "weight loss challenge" at my work, because I can still eat all the food that I want to eat and still continue to loose weight. Funny but some people think that I am not on a diet anymore because they can still see me eating food like carbs.

I really think loosing weight is a smart change of lifestyle and some people don't realize that. They do their diet by removing all the foods that they love to eat that will make them fat and crave themnselves to death. They eat less and less only to find themselves gaining more weight when they start adding the amount of food that they eat. Ahh it is all about MODERATION and eating more food rich in fiber and of couse be MORE ACTIVE.

The 7 Days Diet with the Vegetable Diet Soup that I did for about 3 weeks is just to cleanse the system and prepare the body to the new eating habits and continue to loose weight.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ab Toning Exercise Videos

I just purchased two abs toning videos online few minutes ago. I need a lot of new abs exercise videos since my main problem is on my mid section. I only have two abs exercise videos that I always use and I really think doing different moves will make my toning more effective.

Five 10 to 13-minute segments, they each use a different ab-tightening technique. To maximize variety — and to fit your busy schedule — the DVD lets you play the segments in any order. The standing section works your abs as it warms you up for the following exercises. The core series uses planks and stabilization moves to engage your deepest muscle layers. The bootcamp portion features gym-style crunches and V-sit drills. Then it’s a stability ball segment that combines balance and core exercises. Finally, you’ll focus on your core with a well-structured Pilates matwork sequence. Kathy’s cuing is precise, calm and always friendly.

Led by Petra Kolber, this program burns calories as it tones your abs. It’s a time-efficient way to lose weight and reshape your midsection. No crunches or curls here, each 10-minute segment blends core muscle movements into every dance routine (e.g. hip rotations, chest pops, rib cage isolations ... even “the snake”). Each segment features a distinct style — from Latin and ballet to classic aerobic dance (this programmable DVD lets you play any segment in any order). Petra’s instruction is super-motivating — her energy is high, her form is perfect and her attitude is playful.

This is a perfect exercise while I am loosing weight.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

10 Weeks Weight Loss Challenge

I already lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks doing the 7 days diet with the vegetable diet soup. I thought of stopping the diet after loosing about 6 to 7 more pounds but when I joined the "10 weeks weight lost challenge" at work, I was adviced that I need to loose 10 to 15 more pounds.

My face still looks the same after loosing 9 pounds which is quite unusual. Loosing a lot of weight usually makes people look old because the skin looses it's mass. But since I am undergoing a 4 series of laser treatment for my acne scars, which is skin tightening, I thought of pursuing to loose this much weight and see if my facial skin will sag.

The 7 days diet with the vegetable diet soup is sooo effective and too fast which is quite scary. I feel too drained with energy for a couple of days because I am loosing too much weight, so I thought of stopping the diet this coming week and just follow what we were adviced at the "10 weeks weight lost challenge", which is 50% veggies, 25% carbs and 25% protein with at least 30minutes exercise everyday and see if I will still continue to loose weight. Then I will probably go back doing the 7 days diet every other week.
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