Saturday, June 28, 2008

Best Place For Medical Equipment

Is it safe to sell used medical items online? Some medical items are still functional after one use but they pose great risk of cross contamination. And this can be a cause of infection. Even if sterilization processes can kill 99% of micro-organisms, there is still always a chance that a re-used item could be contaminated.

Equipment in a medical lab can be divided into two categories: one-use items, and larger machines. The one-use items are syringes, scalpels, vials, and anything else that cannot be used on more than one person, or even for more than one sample. Larger machines do not actually come into contact with body tissue or fluids. This includes centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and other devices necessary for the analysis of microbiological agents. Machines of this nature must be regularly cleaned and sterilized, but do not pose any risk of contaminating other samples with re-use. carries durable used and refurbished medical equipment, including EKG/ ECG Machines, patient monitors, dental equipment, defibrillators, densitometers, blood analyzers, pulse oximeters, ultrasound equipment, stress test EKG's, autoclaves, power chairs/tables, electrosurgical units and anesthesia machines. They make sure to update Best Buys page that contains used medical equipment. They offer customers access to one of the largest overstock and refurbished medical equipment. If you cannot see what you are looking you can call them at (866)590-4878 they will order it for you.

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