Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alternative Coloring Technique For Eyebrow And Eyelash

I thought that it is okey to use hair dyes to color eyebrows or eyelashes. But I have learned that if these chemicals get into your eyes, they can cause blindness. There are actually no approved permanent eyelash or eyebrow colors. In fact, this has been prohibited even in beauty salons or other establishments. Despite this dangers and prohibitations, some people are still using permanent hair dyes and some salons still offer permanent eyelash and eyebrow coloring using oxidation hair dyes. This is common in the summer during swimming season when other types of eye make-up is being wash off by water.

An alternative method for this is now offered by some salon. This involves injecting vegetable dyes under the skin above and below the eyebrows. This effectively tattooing the color into place. This is permanent and there has been no health or safety validation of this technique.

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