Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cucumber Skin Care Products.

A lot of people are using Cucumber to treat dry skin. In beauty products, Cucumber is usually used around the eyes. It's because Cucumber is Calm & Cooling which makes it wonderful to add on skin care product for its anti-inflammatory and skin tightening properties. Cucumber is rich in vitamins,and minerals giving our skin a for strong cell growth and repair. Cucumber also provide natural source for a fresh, powerful antioxidant.

If a lot of people benefits in using Cucumber on their Facial Care products, how would you like to get a body bath products where Cucumber peel extract is added. I have created a Cucumber Bubble Bath, Cucumber Facial Wash and Cucumber Cleansing Cream. You can get these Natural Skin Care products on my webstore at www.allnaturalcosmetics4u.com

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