Sunday, July 26, 2009

Natural Therapy for Sleep Disorder

I work at night so I find it really hard to sleep during the day. But Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil have helped me so much to have a relaxing sleep during the day. Lavender Essential Oil scent has been known to have a calming effect on the body and it can be used to reduce anxiety, stress and promote sleep. Lavender Bulgarian has a very therapeutic grade compare with other Lavender Essential Oil. It has a different soil, temperature, precipitation, etc. which makes it's scent more sophisticated label.

Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil has more full-bodied aroma similar to fresh lavender flowers, but the therapeutic properties are the same with other Lavender Essential Oil.

I prefer using Lavender French Essential Oil for my skin care products since it's scent is milder and Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil as fragrance like using it in Essential Oil Diffusers since it's aroma is stronger and long lasting.

Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil is the best natural therapy for sleep disorders. It's soothing scent will relax your mind giving you a good sleep.

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