Monday, September 8, 2008

Eye Whitening Drops Can Cause More Problem

Eye whitener drops that are available over the counter reduce the red appearance or tired, bloodshot eyes by narrowing the tiny blood vessels that cover the surface of the eyes. When the medication wears off, the blood vessels dilate again, but all too often they become larger and redder than they were before the treatment. The natural response is to use more of the whitening drops and before you know it you are locked into a cycle of using these products habitually. These products should be restricted to occasional use only, and should not be used as a routine cosmetic.

Eyes commonly become red through tiredness, allergy, cold winds or dryness cause by environmental conditions and as a result of injury or infection. The redness may be nature's way of warning us of a more serious condition that requires medical treatment. Eye whitening drops will remove the redness but they will not treat the underlying cause of the problem. Delaying essential medical treatment by masking the symptoms may allow the condition to worsen.

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