Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Factors To Consider Before Nose Reduction

In nose surgery, the functional aspects of the nose must be considered. The flow of air though the nose may be unsatisfactory prior to the surgery due to the development or to previous injuries such as broken nose. There may also be a reduced airflow due to allergies and chronic inflammation and this will not be cured by the surgery. In cocaine users, the wall running down the centre of the inside of the nose may develop a hole or perforation. At extreme cases, the nose may collapse due to loss of support from the septum. These are other illnesses which may cause problems with the function of the nose. These needs to be discussed with the cosmetic surgeon, diagnosed and treated if possible before the cosmetic surgery.

Nose surgery can improve the flow of the air, but in reducing the size of the nose, the flow of the air may be reduced. Some measures may need to be taken to imporve this issues. The nose may appear nearly straight, but a twist or bend in septum, may become more apparent as the bridegs of the nose is reduced. Making a crooked nose prefectly straight is exceedingly difficult although much can be done to improve the alignment of the nasal architecture.

Patients who want their noses to be rduced beyond what they likely compatible with, when it is slightly or completely crooked prior to the surgery, should likely not to undergo surgery.

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