Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Determine A Qualified Beauticians Or Hairdresser

Cosmetics and toiletries used by professional hairdressers and beauticians are different to those that you can buy in the high street. Professional toiletries often contain higher concentrations of active ingredients such as hair-perming solutions and hair-removal formulations and they have special labeling rules, that involves additional health and safety informations. This assumes the professionals are highly trained and know how to use these products correctly. Make sure you visit a qualified beauticians and not someone who is inexperienced, otherwise you risk your skin of being burnt or your hair being damaged by strong solutions.

A good qualified hairdresser will know if your hair is too brittle to be permed or the strenght of the solution that can be applied safely. A good qualified beautician will know or be able to establish whether your skin is too sensitive for a product or be able to tell whther the marks on your fingertips are due to normal wear and tear or to a fungus whiuch should be treated by a doctor.

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