Saturday, June 20, 2009

Best Natural Facial Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin

A lot of people dont realize that using Vegetable or Carrier oil is more effective than using Facial Creams. Using Carrier Oil as Facial moisturizer last longer and doesn't leave any residue making your skin looks soft and natural all day. Natural Facial Oils have the same effects as any Natural Facial Creams. Vegetable oils act as a solvent that helps the Essential Oil to quickly penetrate your skin that will provide nutrients and regulate your skin's moisture.

I use high quality Vegetable Oils and Essential Oil to give you an optimal skin care and healing effects. Jojoba vegetable oil leaves no residue. Only the natural light silky shine. Vegetable Oil with Essential Oil is very suitable for people with Sensitive Skin.

For Base Facial Oil, we mix Jojoba with 10% Wheat Germ Oil adding Lavender Essential Oil for Normal Skin; Roman Chamomile Essential Oil for Dry and Sensitive Skin and Tea Tree Essential Oil for Oily and Acne Prone skin. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.

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