Saturday, October 31, 2009

Celendula Herbal Oil For Dry and Itchy Skin

Every winter I am suffering from dry and itchy skin. Eversince I found out the effectiveness of using natural products, I never went back using any synthetic products. Those synthetic products that you can buy at the grocery or department stores will only give a temporary relieve of your dry and itchy skin. Your skin will eventually go back to its dryness and itchiness after few hours. The effect of natural products like carrier oils or herbal oil last longer because it gently penetrate the skin quickly. Using natural substances nourish your skin because it contain natural vitamins.

If you have dry and itchy skin specially during winter season, try using direct application of Celendula Herbal Oil before towel drying after bath. Gentle wipe your skin to dry without removing the herbal oil on your skin. Use this as your skin moisturizer or body lotion. You will be surprise how it will keep your skin smooth and free for itchiness all day.

I offer Natural Celendula Herbal Oil and Organic Celendula Herbal Oil. You can mixed a few drops of Carrot Seed Essential Oil for an effective soothing relief of your dry and itchy skin. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.

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