Friday, October 16, 2009

Natural Treatment For Winter Dry and Itchy Skin

It's winter season again and I know many people are having problems with dry skin during this season. Itchy skin usualy cause by dry skin. Using harsh synthetic ingredients will just make your skin drier. Use natural products because natural substances are mild and gentle on skin yet very effective in cleaning while moisturizing your skin. Let me just share my experience in using the products that I personally make for me and my family, and now for everyone.

Soak yourself using my Natural Aromatherapy Bubblebath with different aromatic scent of pure essential oils. I love using Lavender and chamomile on my Bubblebath during winter season, because it really heal my dry skin. Or you can simply soak yourself with my Dead Sea Bath Salts.

Try using my Natural Shower Body Wash Gel infused with Botanical or Fruit Extracts. It will clean your skin without drying.

Never leave your washroon after that relaxing bath without using my Natural Body Butter this winter season. It will completely give moisture to your skin.

Follow this simple relaxing bath routine and it will surely norture your skin. Say goodbye to dry and itchy skin this winter. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my Natural Aromatherapy Body Bath For Natural Healing and Relaxation

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