Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Natural Healing For Benign Vertigo

I just want to make an update on my Benign Vertigo for those who are seeking for some answers. I had my first Benign Vertigo attack last fall season of 2008 (October). It was a terrible head spin attack for the first day and lasted for about 3 days. I went to my doctor after the terrible head spin subside, and my doctor gave me a medication for severe dizziness.

I had my second Benign Vertigo attack 3 months after. But this time, the head spin slowly become severe within 3 days. It started during my teeth cleaning with my dentist. I was lying down with my head lower than my body for almost an hour. I went home and get some sleep and woke up with a slight dizziness and started having a tingling sound in my ear. I slowly had the terrible head spin 2 days after. The dizziness subside but it never stopped for more than 3 months. And until now, I can sometimes feel a slight dizziness in some positioning of my head.

I was told and have done some research and learned that there is really no cure for Benign Vertigo. For one year now since my last attack, everything is quite normal. However, I can sometimes feel that I will have an attack when I am so tired both mentally and physically. Whenever I feel this, I will jump into my bed and get some sleep.

I never had any severe attack since then (one year now), and I really think that proper rest is the natural cure. Regular exercise and longer stretching of the neck and back have been a big help.

I know that my Benign Vertigo started because of too much mental and physical stress. It was the time when I was working on my webstore and I pushed myself too much working on my ebusiness. I never worked hard since my last Benign Vertigo attack and tried to make things as easy as I can. We all have plans and goals in life but everything will happen without pushing ourselves to the limit.

I always believe in natural healing of aromatherapy. Using my blended essential oil to raise my energy and release my mind and body stress have been a big help in healing my Benign Vertigo. I always use the aroma of my Immune Boost Blended Essential Oil and it help me so much to relax my mind and body. I use Eco Refreshener Essential Oil Diffuer to diffuse the aroma and reserve the active ingredients in Essential Oils. This Eco Refresher Essential Oil Diffuser has an advanced air purification and sterilization technologies to give you a multiple functions of sterilization, purification and deodorization.

I highly recommend this simple aromatherapy for natural healing of mind and body. Proper rest and enough sleep with regular exercise and stretching, is the only cure for Benign Vertigo through my experience.

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