Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun and Easy Abs Exercise

Wow!!! This Jennifer Gallardi's Latin Fat Blasting Dance really work on my abs and the rest of my body. It is only 38 minutes but I am sweating like a pig. All the moves really focused on the core area and I didn't even noticed how hard my abs have been working since it's so much fun. Time flies and I never noticed that I just work on my abds for more than 30 minutes.

I really love almost all Jennifer Gallardi's workout dvd. It's very easy to follow, slow movement but will give your body a total workout with so much fun. You will not only have a total workout for the day, but you will also learn some fun dance moves.

One good thing why I'd rather spend time and money buying all these exercise videos is that, I am having fun working out while learning some dance moves without anyone looking at me with my mistakes. I can make all the moves on my own way without someone looking at me or laughing at me. I lost 15.5 lbs and looking forward to loose more.

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