Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wrong Dance Exercise Videos

I already recieved the 3 dance exercise videos that I ordered last week. However, they send me that the hip hop party instead of the hip hop cardio by Jennifer Gallardi. I already let them know their mistake so they will send me the correct video with the self stamp envelop so I can send them the worng video at no charge to me.

I am so disaapointment because I am so excited to learn the hip hop cardio moves from the video. But that's okey, I am still having fun learning all the moves with all the videos that I ordered. I still have 5 videos on my wishlist but I might place my next order next year because I am trying to save the money I am making from my blogging to fill up the 4 unpaid days I am going to have at work for our holiday shut down.

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