Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benzoate Can Be Bad

I have a slight asthma so I know and I can feel which product that I am more sensitive with. I must agree in some way that benzoic acid can be one objectable and can produce a very serious disturbances on the metabloic functions like injury to digestions and health. However, there is one confusion to be drawn from this, and that is the interest of health both benzoic and bezoate of soda should be excluded from food products.

Before, benzoic acid, sodiun benzoate and a host of related compounds such as the parabens, are still widely used in foods and cosmetics, including the fizzy drinks that is being consumed by children. They are actually antimicrobial preservatives. Meaning, they are chemicals that kills cells to prevent them from reproducing and infecting the food, and cosmetics. This causes gastric iriitations, numbling of the mouth, urticaria and it affect asthma sufferers.

Some parabens dissolve in water while others soluble in oil. Most cosmetics have both watery and oily ingredients blended togetehr in the form of emulsions. This way, preservatives must be used so both parts of the cosmetic are protected. This is why many use parabens. However, manufacturers are required to follow strict requiremnets for microbes contaminations.

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