Wednesday, July 2, 2008

C'elle Stem Cell Innovation for Women

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift for yourself or someone you love, you can take a look at the new stem cell research innovation, C'elle, harvested from menstrual fluid.

The C'elle stem cell is non-controversial; highly proliferative; and can transform into many other stem cell types such as cardiac, neural and bone. A scientific stem cell research study on menstrual stem cells was recently published in the highly respected peer-reviewed scientific journal of Cell Transplantation. C'elle is in three pre-clinical (non-human)stem cell research studies. C'elle may have significant potential for future human stem cell therapies to possibly treat life affecting disorders such as diabetes; stroke and heart disease as well as possible anti-aging, burn and wound healing therapies. Women can now invest in future potential healthcare and well-being by ordering C'elle today for an affordable limited-time introductory price. Stem cell research has determined that C'elle is a 100% match for the woman donor and may possibly match her first-degree relatives such as a parent, sibling or child. The time for C'elle is now while a woman's body is healthy and disease-free.

Visit to order online.

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