Sunday, August 31, 2008

How To Determine The Satisfaction Of Patients

A good cosmetic surgeon must know the importance of selecting the patients who can understand the aim of surgery in their individual case. A host of factors will determine the outcome of surgery. That only some are under the control the cosmetic surgeoon. Here are some of the factors to determine the outcome od the surgery;

* The texture and thickness of the skin.
* The strenght and size of the underlying bone.
* The cartilage and the age of the patients.

But it is not just the combination of these factors are involved. The shape of the patient's area to operate, prior to surgery which detrmines the final outcome. The patient's concern may be the most important factor and this is often not easy to determine in pre-operative discussions.

Concern with small details may be either the warning of a patient who will never be satisfied. It may also indicate the one who will appreciate the result. Obsession with details, on the other hand, indicates that the patient will likely not be satisfied. If definite, relatively predictable surgical maneuvers will likely to give the kind of shape the patient desires and if the patient expresses these desire clearly and without obsessiveness, there is a hgh chance of succcess.

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