Saturday, February 7, 2009

Benefits of Fruit Extracts On Skin Care Products

I have created a wonderful Mild Facial Wash for me. I bought the Mild Facial Wash from my Supplier and just added few dropped of Essential Oil, Floral water and Fruit Extarcts for more effective result on skin. Then I posted it on my website. I will be making more scent and flavor for all my natural skin care products.

I am thinking of focusing on adding different fruit extract because it has more minerals that is so beneficial on skin. The scent on the Fruit Extract is not that strong so I have to use Essential oil to give a refreshing scent. There are many synthetics fruit fragrance that I can add that will match the scent of the fruit flavor, but I decided to stick on natural ingredients. Beside, the effect of Essential Oils on skin will give more benefits. I will try to focus on using Essential oil that has mild effects on skin. Visit my online store All Natural Cosmetics 4u. I offer affordable skin care products made from natural ingredients. You'll be surprised about the amazing effect of Natural Cosmetics on your skin and it is friendlier on the environment. I will be adding more scent and flavor on each products.

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