Saturday, March 21, 2009

Natural Body Bath For Dry and Dull Skin

My skin has improve a lot ever since I started using Natural Cosmetics. All those synthetic residues I used to put on my skin only have temporary effects. But after about few days, my skin will go back to its dryness and itchiness esp during winter. But using my personally created Natural Body Bath care products, just made me so happy. It is very simple and easy, it doesn't contain harsh ingredients so it's mild and gentle on skin.

I simply put few drops of Lavander Essential on Bubble Bath Cosmetics Base and soak myself for about 15 minutes. And then use my Body Butter and the effect are amazing. Me and my family use my Shower Gel instead of soap and my kids love it. I will soon be posting the different Botanical and Fruit Flavors that we use at home. You'll love using all my Natural Body Bath products and your skin will surely improve in no time. Visit my webstore at All Natural Cosmetics 4u

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