Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pure and Natural Way To Avoid Dry Lips

Like our face, our lips need to be taken care off. When it becomes dry and start to chap, it can be uncomfortable and painful especially when we eat. We also cannot use our favorite lipstick cosmetics. So I created two types of Mineral Lipstick Balm for Men and Women of all ages in replacement of those synthetic Lip Balm whose effects are temporary relieve of dryness. Mineral lipsticks are Pure and Natural so it has mild and gentle effects on skin.

Now I dont have to buy my kids those synthetic Lips Balms when they are having problems with their dry lips especially during winter season. They can use this regularly to avoid their lips on getting dry.

The second type of Mineral Lipstick Balm is the Colored Mineral Lipstick Balm that works like a real lipstick to color and put extra glow on lips. It moisturizes heal and give you the Natural Colored glow.

The color of these Colored Mineral Lipstick Balms is very natural so even young ladies and girls can use it. It will not give too much color that can make young girl's lips overly colored.

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