Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loose Weight With Exercise and High Fiber Food

I skip my exercise again because I didn't sleep the whole day yesterday, so I end up sleeping the whole night and almost the whole morning. We just went out at 10:30am to attend the church mass. Now I am feel sleepy and I have to go to bed early and wake up early tonight. I have to leave early than usual for work, because it is going to snow. I don't want to be late.

It's hard to loose weight when you are working on night shift. You have to adjust your body sleeping during the day, and awake at night. Otherwise, you will end up forcing your system into some irregular body activities. However, it is so hard to adjust during the weekend because you have to spend time with your family. I sometimes end up eating more because my body is so weak. So I tried eating food rich in fiber whenever I feel like eating, instead of eating the usual food that I eat.

I am surprise to see that I am still loosing weight even if I didn't exercise for a couple of days. But it is still important to accompanied my weight lose plan with regular exercising to maximixe the result and burn more calories. I mix dance aerobics exercise with cardio sculp exercise with weight lifting.

I need to loose about 12 more lbs until summer so I can wear my old simmer clothes. I also want to buy more stylish skinny jeans because I know that the two skinnny jeans that I have right now, will be loose on me this summer. Because I will definitely loose weight by summer. I want to loose weight the healthy way, and I will!!

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