Saturday, February 27, 2010

Too Busy To Exercise

I wont be able to do my exercise today again. I just finish processing the orders and I am ready to ship it. I am just waiting for my hubby so I can use the car.

After shipping the order, I will pick up sister Dianne for the preparation of the last day of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue in our house. I promise to get her again when we move to Mississauga.

This is what happen when my schedule get so busy. My mind and body don't have the energy to get up and start my exercise. Now my shoulder feel so stiff and it really need some exercise.

I only need to loose a little weight before summer so I can wear my old summer clothes. I don't want to buy any new size clothes anymore. And I don't need to loose too much weight just to look sexy because I already am.. hahahaha!!!

I am this overweight and someone can't look straight on how I carry myself? How much more if I go back to my normal weight? Hmmmm!!!

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