Friday, July 2, 2010

First Day 7 Days Diet

I finally made the Vegetable Diet Soup and I am already starting my 7 Days Diet today. I have been cheating a little and I hope I will still loose the weight before in 7 days... lol... I also have not been exercising for 4 days now because it's so inspiring to exercise with a messy house. But I will try my best to do 45 minutes complete exercise tomorrrow and beside, we will be doing a lot of work tomorrow for the moving.

Today I have to eat only Fruits and the Vegetable Diet Soup. Whenever I do my Fruit Cleansing Diet, it makes my stomach very acidic before the end of the day. But with the Vegetable Diet Soup, at least my taste buds and my stomach wont get too much acid taste like.

I bought some lychees and apply to eat for the whole day. These are good source of Vitamin C and rich in fiber to help me loose weight faster. So join me now on my 7 Days Diet Plan... Have a great day to all.

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