Friday, August 6, 2010

Eagerness To Continue Loosing Weight

Yepeey!! I am loosing weight and I am soooo inspired to continue loosing weight until I reached the weight that I want. I know that I have been having a yoyo diet for a couple of months now, because of some whirlwind things that is happening to my life. But I am so sure that this is the best time for me to continue to focus on loosing weight.

And since I am so eager to loose the weight, I am also very eager to earn the money I need for my Laser Genesis Treatment. I need to save at least the price for the first treatment to see how it goes for me. Then I will will decide if I want to continue the treatment.

But right now, I really need to loose weight to boost my dying ego for my stupid insecurity from someone I don't really know in real life. Just someone I know online.

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