Sunday, October 23, 2011

Second Week Of Dance Workout

I am glad I was able to do all my Hip Hop Dance Routine workout for this week including all the abs workout that I included on my plan, except for the 30 minutes stretching for Saturday. But it's okey, I do a lot of stretching every after workout.
Next week will be the start of another No Weight Lifting Dance workout, using Petra Kolberg and Cheryl Burke Dance Workout DVD. Just Dance workout dvd by Petra Kolberg is my most favorite dance workout because of the music that realy relaxes my mind and body, while giving me a total sweat workout.

I need to focus on eating less carbs for the remaining 3 weeks of No Weight Lifting workout. As I've always hoping to lose those extra weight I gained last summer. Gzzzzz it is so hard to burn those extra weight.!!!! I need to lose it seriously because I am planning to meet someone!! I need to look good...

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