Friday, October 26, 2007

Natural Health Ease Pain

You're sitting at a desk most of the day, stressing out at the office, then watching TV while slumped on the couch in the evening- and what do you get? A pain in the neck.

If you suffer from shoulder or neck pain, you have a common conditon. The neck and shoulder girdle are the extremely mobile, with less stability than other areas of the body. Both the shoulder joint and the neck rely heavily on sorrounding muculature to provide support and stability. When these muscles are improperly used (bad posture) or overused (shoulder lifted because of stress), pain and tighness are inevitable.

Relief for neck and shoulder tensions brought on by stress or poor posture is simple. Working with a skilled fitness, Pilates or yoga professional will lead you to better posture and improved body awareness. Many health-care-providers, community services and natural health magazines offer information on specific approaches to stess relief.

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