Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Compression Bra Reduces Breast Pain After Surgery

Wearing a specialized compression bra significally reduces women's breast pain following open-heart surgery, a national clinical trial at the University of Calgary has found. The study is the first to provide scientific data that a supportive undergarment of this type is safe, effective and can be worn almost immediately after cardian surgery.

"Women who wore the bra after the surgery had a great deal less pain and discomfort in their breast," says lead researcher Dr. Kathryn King. Unlike conventional bras, the postoperative fastens in the front, doesn't have any metal clasps that can interfere with x-rays, provides extra compression and can be adjusted to accomodate changing breast sizes that sometimes occur after surgery. Women with large breast, in particular, often encounter difficulties in their recovery, Kings says, so they will likely benefit the most. About one third of all cardiac surgeries are performed on women.

Source: April2007 Reader's Digest

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