Friday, October 26, 2007

Stay Active For Your Health This Winter

I always make a commitment to eat healthy and exercise at least 3 times a week. I try not to let winter prevent me from keeping my commitment to stay active for my health. The cold, ice and snow may prevent me from taking my daily walk or keep me from riding my bike, but doesn't mean I should sit at home waiting for spring and let my health be eaten by the cold weather.

It may be cold outside, but inside the gym or inside our house is warm and there is so much things to do for an easy-on-the-joints, like hiking a challenging trail. I try to stay socially active too esp at the church aside from the internet. I need to exercise my mind and spirit f as much as my body's health aspect. I look for activities that will keep me socially active. Winter is an ideal time to take a course, learn a new hobby, or volunteer for a cause or community event. I look for opportunitties where I can share my skills or where I can learn new ones. An engaging social life will keep me connected and help me stay motivated. Regular activity is good for joint's health. Low impact, weight-bearig activities such as walking or cycling are ideal for exercising and strengthening your joints and muscles. Stay active and enjoy life.

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