Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I am Sick And Scared

i am sick and i am scared. i want to be strong but i am just human i hope everything will be just fine because i am not ready to leave my daughters for now. i search on the internet what kind of desease is this. it may not be that scary but it is still a desease. it is possible for me to have surgery again and again...

Pseudomyxoma peritonei, is a very rare type of cancer that usually begins in your appendix as a small growth, called a polyp. Or more rarely it can start in other parts of the bowel, the ovary or bladder. This polyp eventually bursts through the wall of your appendix and spreads cancerous cells to the lining of the abdominal cavity (the peritoneum). These cancerous cells produce mucus, which then collects in the abdomen as a jelly like fluid called mucin.

Pseudomyxoma peritonei does not act like most cancers and does not spread in any of these ways. It spreads along the internal surfaces within the abdomen, rather than into nearby tissues of the bowel or liver. The mucus collects in the peritoneum and causes symptoms. It may be many years before you have any symptoms from this type of cancer.

You are most likely to have surgery to treat this type of cancer. There are two tupes of surgery
Debulking surgery
Complete tumour removal

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