Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is Face-lift Right For You?

While there are no strict limit for a Face-lift, a cosmetic surgeon would consider you a good candidate if you had developed a saggy face and neck and had noticeably sun-damaged skin. There is a worrying trend in the US for younger women to seek Face-lift, which hasn't been actively discourage by plastic surgeons, Even in Canada, some surgeons are known to do "preventive" Face-lift, on women in their mid-30's. They say that the techniques have better long=term results and that someone who had one done at 30 would look 35 or 45. But most surgeons would advice against a Face-lift that was too early. They might recommend a chemical peel rather than the more extensive surgery a Face-lift entails. In fact, it might be worth checking out the non-surgical options that I will have on my future posts.. All can rejuvenate the skin more cheaply, safely and less painfully than a Face-lift. The majority of Face-lift are done on people aged between 40 to 65, with around 50 being the average age. About 10 percent of Face-lift patients are men.

More important than your age is the condition of your skin and unerlying bone structure. The skin should still have some elasticity, and the bone structure be strong and well defined before considering a Face-lift. Because facial skin is thin and has an excellent blood supply, it usually heals well, with almost invisible scars. However, certain medical conditions, such as uncontrolled high blood pressure or blood-clotting problems, may rule out surgery.

Smoking inhibits the flow of oxygen and blood to skin, which in turn affects how well the incision area heals. Some surgeons will not do Face-lift on smokers because of the increased chance of skin loos behind the ears. US studies have found that smoking was the major cause of serious wound-healing complications in a significant percentage of Face-lift patients. Anyone who smokes cigarettes and inhales is at least 12 times more likely than a non-smoker to have a longer healing period . So if you smoke, you should plan to give up at least three weeks before and after the surgery.

Facial Surgery or Face-lift should not be undertaken lightly. It calls for a thorough understanding of the procedures and realistic evaluation of what can or cannot expect. This is probably one of the most important consideration in judging whether or not you are suitable for a Face-lift. Anyone expecting a whole different look will be in for a big disappointment.

A Face-lift can only reverse some of the inevitable changes brought on by ageing. Physically, you will remain the same age and be subject to the same health conditions and limitations. If you are considering a Face-lift, you should discuss your goals with a surgeon to ensure your expectations are in line with the surgical reality. It is not uncommon to experience a feeling of "let-down" after a Face-lift, so if you are recently divorced or widowed and thinking about a Face-lift to help you feel better, it would be wise to give yourself some time to get back on your feet first.

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