Friday, November 9, 2007

Relationship And Self Development

Relationships- Sharing Your Experiences
All your life, people have been teaching you how to do things; ride a bike, read and write, drive a car, maintain a house. Now it's your turn , if you'll only take it. "Some people resist the idea of becoming mentors because it makes them feel like they've passed the baton- like they're now satellites rather than sun" says, Dr. Shirley Vandersteen, a registered psychologist in Edmonton. "But offering yourself to others is a different kind of fullfillment, and it can rev up your all over Health." Mentor students at community colleges in your area of specialty, young upstarts at professional associations, or even young people embarking on marriage.

Self-development- Reconnecting with your won interests
With the frenetic years behind you, you may wonder how to make the most of the added breathing space. "More and more women are coming to see mid-life as a creative second wind". says DR. Miroslava Lhotsky, co-author of The Healthy Boomer- A No-Nonsense Midlife Heath Guide for Women and Men (McLelland & Stewart, 1999). If your career has become a routine, doing the same work in a consulting or freelance capacity may recharge your battery.

Now is also the time to dice into a creative hobby- preferably one you've always been yearning to take up or resume- or, as Lhotsky puts it, "the hobby you never allowed yourself to pursue." So give that violin teacher or stained-glass instructor a call.

Knowing what your passion can be good for your mental health. Not sure what your passion is? Ask the people who know you well what they think it might be. Often, the answer is right infront of you.

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