Friday, November 2, 2007

Eating On The Go For Your Health

Sometimes it is dificult to eat nutrious meals when we are away from home and that can be harmful to our health. So I gathered some tips for eating on the run

Travel tips
Major airlines and train services offer light and meals that is good for your health if you request them in advance. If you are a frequent traveller, make arranging for healthy meal a routine part of your travel plannin.

  • Choose the continental breakfast of fruit, bread and jam over eggs and sausage.
  • Eat bread, without butter or margarine
  • Choose milk for coffee
  • Scrape extra sauce from the entree
  • Avoid deserts

Fast Food
Although many items offered are high in calorie and fat, your choices make all the difference.

  • Opt for a regular humburger over double patties and cheese/bacon combos; a regular slice of pizza over double cheese or extra bacon.
  • Choice charcoiled chicken over breaded and fried; a taco instead of a burger; chili for a change
  • Request no sauce or mayonaise when placing an order
  • Drink juice, 1% or 2% milk instead of a milk shake
  • Low-calorie salad dressings cut fat significantly
  • Ceral, low-fat English muffins with jam, or pancakes with syrup only are all better choices than egg/sausage/cheese breakfast sandwiches
  • Skip fat-laden fast food pies, turnovers, cookies, and ice cream bars.

Sandwiches to go
To order a custom-made sandwich good for your health, ask for;

  • Whole wheat bread, bun, or bagel
  • Mustard or horsedish
  • Lean meat fillings: ham, roast beef, chicken, or turkey
  • Vegetarian sandwiches with your favorite veggies; avoid cheese and mayonaise to save fat.

Frozen entrees to go
Packing microwaveable frozen entrees for lunch can be a convinient way to eat healthy. Look for;

  • Packages that have a Health check logo
  • Entrees that offer a variety of ingredients ( vegetables, pasta, lean cuts of meat)
  • The Nutrition Facts table on packages to help you choose products with less saturated and trans fat and less sodium.

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