Monday, November 5, 2007

Tips For Healthiest Year

  • Dry air, harsh winds and dehydrating heating system can all lead to skin that's severely parched. Be sure to soothe it with a skin-type-specific moisturizer.
  • It may seem like we never see the sun in these months, but it sure sees you! Stay deligent with SPF- your skin will thank you.
  • Split ends, brittle texture ans static? Make sure you treat your winter hair with deep-conditioning treatments.
  • The makeup that sailed you through summer may need to hibernate for a bit- for winter, try a lighter-toned foundation and start playing with more dramatic shades.
  • Counting the seconds til spring? Make a resolution this year to learn to love winter. Whether you finally learn to ice skate or treat yourself to gorgeous warm boots, the buds will bloom quicker if you're not watching them.
  • Not to sound like your mother, but wash your hands! Studies have shown us over over and over that it's the simpliest, most effective (and economical) way to stave off colds and flus. A good 20-second soapy scrub a few times a day will dramatically reduce the number oftimes you get sick.

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