Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Verify A Plastic Surgeon's Credentials

Many non-plastic surgery surgeons have been attracted to the relatively free-market because esthetic suregery has become a subject as other aspects of health care. Many certified non-plastic-surgery surgeons, non-surgeon medical doctors are now doing esthetic surgery and patients are faced with difficult and confusing choices.

Plastic Surgery certification means a trained M.M has completed three or more pre-medical school years of University, four yeard of medical school and certification examinations and who underwent a further fice to seven years training. First in all aspect of surgery and then in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He/she would then be recommended by his/her superiors for the privilege of writing a written examination in PLastic and Reconstrcutive Surgery, administered by the Royale College of Physicians and Surgeons. If this was all passed then eligiblibility for further oral examination. After passing, he/she will then have a certification in PLastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She/he was not allowed to sit for oral axams until a portfolio of personal cases was assembled and submitted to the Board of Plastic Surgery. The certified surgeon may then feel further experience is a a benefit and enroll as fellow in one of the special areas of interest within plastic surgery, such as hand surgery, cranio-maxilofacilal surgery..

Many doctors don't have this training but have decided to do esthetic surgery. After years of fighting an inter-specilaty with their sister specialists in ear, nose and throat surgery, plastic surgeons are beginning to acknowledge that there is no legal way the field of esthetic surgery can be reversed as their exclusive domain. The argument with ear, nose and throat surgeons may finally be subsiding. However, many specialties and non-specialitist are flooding into the field including other surgical specialists such as eye surgeons (opthalmologist and gynecologist. And even non-surgical doctors like Dermatologist, general practitioners, and even dentists. Beware of those who are claiming themselves to be a memeber of Board of Cosmetic Surgery. You should also ask if the surgeon is board certified and in what field. Ask for appropriate certificates. This should be displayed for eay access.

Whether or not a surgeon is right for you, exthetic procedure depends on many factors. To verify a surgeon's credentials,one of the best sources is the telephone hotline by the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. They will send you information crochures if desired.

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