Thursday, May 1, 2008

Family Doctor's Role In Plastic Surgery

The family doctor maybe a usefullresource in making a recommendation or give a list of several names. How reliable will depend on a number of factors. Many patients do not ask their family doctor because they believe that their doctor will disapprove on esthetic surgery as frivolous. They are less familiar with the current state of esthetic surgery because of the simultaneous movement of esthetic surgery out of the hospital to the private facility and the decrease role of the family physician in the hospital.

Most are willing and interested to find a good surgeon for their patients. Those who still maintain close contact with their hospital colleagues will be familair with plastic surgeons doing much traumatic and reconstructive surgery. Some of these plastic surgeons also do excellent esthetic surgey, and some do very little. You may need to digg a little bit deeper to be resonably certain, as to how qualified a surgeon is to deal with your particular problem.

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