Thursday, May 8, 2008

How To Know A Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon

When you call for a plastic surgery consultation, you should fee that you are handled in a courteous, kind and professional manner, from start to finish. This will be an important indication of how skilled the surgeon's office in dealing with any concerns.

The consultation begins when the patients arrives in the clinic. Some surgeons wee all their patients on certain office days where you are likely to be sitting with a patients recovering from a skin cancer operation... Others prefer to see their patients on separate days because these consultations are scheduled in a more elective fashion. You may be one of the patient in the office at the time.

Cosmetic surgery is surgery, and should never be treated as minor. All medications and allergies should be listed as well as previous surgery of all kinds, especialy the previous esthetic surgery.

The consulatation may last for 15 to 20 minutes to 1 hour or longer. You should not object if the surgeon request to contact your family doctor for information about your past medical history unles if there is any particular reasons. This information may be helpful when secondary surgery is being contemplated.

The surgeon may want to know the main reason you are seeking for advice. The surgeon will need to examine you and this will involve a general inspection of the areas of concern. This is a matter which require confidence in the doctor and you should feel you are being treated courteously and professionally.

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