Saturday, May 3, 2008

Misleading Sources Of Plastic Surgeons

Other sources of informations in choosing a plastic surgeon may be useful or unreliable, depending on the individual situation. Estheticians and Hair Stylists, trainers and instructors, may or may not be a reliable sources. If they see a significant number of people who have had esthetic surgery, they will comment on such issues as scars, and patient satisfaction. However, all surgeons encounter complications, and there may be a tendency to criticize a surgeon because of one unfortunate case. Similarly, Knowing one patient who had a successful surgery is a good reference but it does not mean another patient will have a similar result.

Advertising was banned in professional groups but this began to change in the 1970's. Lawyers argued that advertising was a useful means of informing the public about their services and credentials. Later the court challenges made advertising is possible for doctors as well. For the patient, advertisement may be informative but can also be misleading.

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