Thursday, January 28, 2010

Benefits of Natural Soap For Dry Skin

I used to think that all soaps are the same. They clean and give your body a nice scent. Until I came here to Canada and start experiencing dry skin during Winter season.

Using soap made from synthetic harsh ingredients can dry your skin. Don't be blinded by those alluring scent of soap without knowing what it is made of.

Soap made from natural ingredients are mild and gentle on skin keeping your skin clean without stripping the ph balance of your skin. Try using my Olive Papaya Fruit Soap. It is made up of glycerin soap base that is transparent with a slightly yellow hint of color.

This Olive Fruit Soap provides rich lather and naturally draws moisture out of the air to benefit skin health. This soap doesn't contain heavy animal oils which makes your skin clean and moisturized without soapy film behind.

Sprinkled with Papaya Fruit Extract to provide a refreshing sweet, summery fragrance. It is an excellent substance to exfoliate the dry areas of your skin. Papaya Fruit extract contains Vitamin A for skin repair, and Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant with wonderful proteins for smoother, softer skin.

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