Friday, May 7, 2010

Insecurities Due To Acne Scars

One of my physical insecurities specially now that I am getting older is my acne scars. I am not competing with anyone but I just want to look good at my age. I know that the process of Meladerm in fading the acne dark spots is working fine so far but it will take much longer to make my skin looks better since there are still some spots that is fresh and need to be treated to completely make my skin tone even.

Although I am so happy with the result of Meladerm to reduce the dark pigment, together with Proactive Repairing Cream to heal the remaining affected areas, I feel like my acne and the deep scars needs some prefessional treatment. I want those deep holes to be treated. . If it cannot be completely remove, at least make it look better.

I have contacted a Plastic Surgeon nearby and I will have an appointment on April 17. The approximate price that they gave me over the phone is expensive, but I think can afford it with the help of my insurance. However, it is not the exact amount and it might be more expensive for my case, that's why the doctor needs to see me.

For the meantime, I will continue the self treatment I am doing for my acne while hoping that this professional treatment will help me remove this one physical insecurities I have.

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