Monday, March 7, 2011

Sexy Dancing Workout Week

I am done with my Hip Hop Dancing week, and I am now on my Sexy dancing week. Although, I skipped few days of my Hip Hop Dancing, but I am glad that I was able to do all the Hip Hop Dnacing Dvds that I prepare for the whole week. However, I skipped some abdominal workout so I will make sure to do it all this week.

This week is my Sexy Ddancing week and I will make sure to do all the workout dvds that I preapre for the whole week, including all the abdominal workouts that goes with it.

I am suppose to go back with my Kickboxing Workout, but I decided to do another dancing week to keep my body working on different moves, before I go back to Kickboxing week again.

What I love about Sexy Dancing is that, the moves focus more on my core area which is my problem areas, while doing a slow but effective cardio workout.

I am not sure if I can run at the gym because my knees still hurt. So I will make sure to put extra hour on each abdominal workout days.

I am so happy to look at myself on pictures because I really look different losing a lot of weight.

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